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July 2007
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7/27/07 Evening Session

I’m home from the second session of Day 1 and I’m trying my best to type with a puppy on my lap. Things are a little tougher this year but I’ll make do. It’s almost 9:00 and I’ve yet to eat dinner so it’ll be tidbits only for tonight:

  • Guys were in shorts, (sweats, or man capris of choice.. hehe!) shoulder pads and helmets for this practice with Eric Alexander (52), Seau (55) and Maroney (39) in red.
  • Word is that Justice Hairston was cut and Donte Stallworth is now on PUP. Kareem Brown is in the doghouse until Monday.
  • Moss once again received the biggest ovation upon entering the field and throughout practice. (Even Brady doesn’t draw the crowd reaction as in the past but admittedly there weren’t many squealing teenage girls there.)
  • I forgot to mention this morning that they’ve continued the practice of playing music during the team stretch and if it’s the same as last year, the playlists are chosen by offseason workout awards winners.
  • Josh Miller was back punting tonight and booned a few but shanked some others and then showed public displays of frustration at his own performance.
  • Bam Childress was the main return guy tonight.
  • Miller did deliver the necessary short high punts during a drill with special teamers in which they needed to prevent a touchback. Willie Andrews (23) did very well with said drill but Gemara Williams (42) got chewed out twice by Sealy.
  • There was another “hula-hoop drill” tonight in which three guys ran around the hoop until a whistle blew and then they were unleashed to go after a player with a ball.
  • Adalius Thomas had the distinction of running the first lap tonight and when he started walking towards the end got the evil eye from a coach and stepped it back up.
  • Kenny Smith also took a lap.
  • Lonie amused the ball boy by snapping a ball and hitting the blue pad on the post 4 times in a row. (Perhaps said ball boy had some doubt in his ability, but not now!)
  • Kyle Brady is HUGE!
  • In the very first 7:7 series Ty Warren deflected a dump pass.
  • Chad Scott had been the starting cornerback opposite Ellis Hobbs with the first unit until going down tonight and needing to be carted off the field with what appeared to be a “sore leg”.
  • Cassel still struggled tonight IMO, and during full squad work would have surely been sacked more than once doing the happy feet thing.
  • Larry Anam (41) had some nice coverages tonight notably one on sideline bomb from Brady to Watson. He’s also sporting some excellent washboard abs. 😉
  • Brady to Moss is such a natural… ahhhh!
  • From what I can remember, Tory James (28) stood out on coverage tonight while CJ Jones (2) made a few grabs himself under double coverage. Willie Andrews also looked good in coverage tonight as well.
  • In a rematch between Tedy and Maroney in 1:1 drills (Remember Tedy Popping the Rook last year?!) Maroney got his revenge tonight blowing by Tedy who then slipped and fell drawing a “ewwww” from the crowd. He also appeared to jump offsides earlier during Special Teams stuff (according to Mike.)
  • At the end of practice most veterans ran mucho sprints while a selected group of vets worked with rookies and new guys in the other field with offense/defense. Some colorful language from coaching staff could be heard.
  • Offensive linemen signed at the end of practice and not many others. Brady had people that he met in the family area and Tedy had his family there this morning playing on the field. The Pats photographer got some nice shots of the Bruschi crew today.

Planeteers at Camp

My brain is mush right now and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things but I’m in dire need of food and my pup needs attention. Once again, Flickr pictures and podcast to follow.


Comment from Box_O_Rocks
Time: July 27, 2007, 10:26 pm

Testing…any nasty security types here?

Great work! Hit the grub line and showers, you can take the day off tomorrow on my authority (or lack thereof). 😉

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