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Archive for July 29th, 2007

Sunday, July 29th PM Session

No need to fear… MrsB is here! :-) Due to the rain in Foxboro, practice was moved to the Dana Farber Field House and although officially “closed to the public” fans were allowed watch the practice on the Jumbotrons from inside Gillette, as they have in the past. Today was my lucky day though as the VIP passes that Mike (thanks Bud!) got for the three of us this morning allowed us access to the Field House tonight along with the media, friends and family.

Not much was happening and I saw lots and lots of players’ backs during the hour that we were there but here are the tidbits from tonight.

  • Guys were in shorts, sweats or man capris ala Moss and Lonie. (BB’s grey ensemble almost qualified but needed a wee bit more length!)
  • Special Teamers were on the field when we arrived and Cassel and crew were booming punts and having a few laughs before the rest of the players came in.
  • Puppies Troy Brown, Donte Stallworth, and Richard Seymour were on the sidelines watching and/or rehabbing.
  • Kyle Brady was back to practice tonight.
  • Practice consisted of guys walking through plays at slow speed. Rather than even punting they were using Matt Guttierez to throw the ball as a simulation instead.
  • Lots of little girl “Hi Daddy’s” could be heard echoing in the fieldhouse during practice which brought a smile to my face.
  • Oscar Lua (49) is taking advantage of downtime to attach himself to Tedy B and he couldn’t have picked a better role model! :-)
  • Sitting there with little to see gave me time to reflect and think about just how sweet it is to see Vrabel and Rosey lining up on the outside with Tedy and Thomas on the inside.
  • Likewise, how sweet is this? Moss, Stallworth, Kyle Brady, Welker,  and Watson… (I’m giddy!!)
  • Linebackers signed for the fans that were there tonight so they’ll probably just continue with the rotation starting tomorrow.

More pictures and podcast to follow. Tomorrow is a single session which will give me some time to get caught up and for real life.


Sunday, July 29th AM Session

Just home from a scorcher! I’m typing with one eye on the screen and another on Bella so hopefully this gets out in a timely manner. Practice ran from 8:45-10:45 this morning and this time we entered from the South, P8 Entrance. Doing so meant that were were directed to park in the lots closest to Rt. 1 rather than right in front of the Club with the people coming from the North. The place was jam packed, as expected. Here are my tidbits for this morning.

  • Guys were in full pads with the same ones wearing red jerseys. Junior was the first out on the field which has become the norm. Meriweather was there (yesterday actually but it was a closed practice) wearing new number 31. Garrett Mills (45) and Kyle Brady (88) were not there.
  • Moss once again got a huge ovation and during practice the biggest one went out to the tandem of Tedy Bruschi and Adalius Thomas as they chose to kneel along the bleacher side of the grass to watch some onfield action.
  • A Fish Fan in a 54 Zach Thomas jersey made his way in front of the bleachers called out to former Fin, Wes Welker, and was met with a round of boos. He pumped his arms and got a big kick out of it even as the crowd chanted Brew-ski instead.
  • It was so hot that a teenage boy next to me passed out on the hill. Pats security staff did a nice job helping him out and making sure that he was ok.
  • Vrabel was way ahead of the pack during the initial dashes to begin the stretching period today, with John Mellencamp’s Pink Houses blaring on the speakers.
  • During opening drills Brady rolled out and threw one too high then proceeded to punt the ball in disgust.
  • Hobbs, Andrews and Maroney did most of the kickoff returns. On one, tremendous blocking allowed Maroney to make his way upfield untouched.
  • Cassel still looked like he was overthrowing guys most of the day again today.
  • Brady to Welker was not as smooth as in past sessions, with 2 misses in a row that I noted.
  • Kevin Faulk’s still got it and can cut on a dime and found holes most of the day but was shut down on one play by a bump by Rashad Moore (63) behind the line of scrimmage before even having a chance.
  • The entire offense took the first full unit lap of the season and were cheered by the crowds as they ran by. (How about an ovation for the defense who didn’t screw up, instead?)
  • Kelley Washington (15) took a single lap today as well.
  • Brady connected deep with a diving Rache Caldwell while being covered by Hobbs.
  • Justin Rogers (51) and Pierre Woods (58) provided a HUGE hole for Welker in which he passed through completely untouched.
  • Gay was “Mossed” when he got totally faked out and Randy ran away with a sure TD. It was a thing of beauty that’s for sure!
  • Brady and Moss had a rare miscommunication on a long pass as they didn’t connect despite lousy coverage by Williams (who is not long for this team.)
  • Chris Dunlap (9) made the best of a poor throw by Cassel across the middle hauling it in on the tip of his fingers being covered by Gemara Williams (42)
  • Tory James (28) picked off Brady (Cassel?) at the post on a long bomb intended for Gaffney (10).
  • Welker did a nice job keeping in a sideline pass from Brady then crashed into his teammates.
  • Psuedo “Opening Pop” of camp goes to Moss taking out a ball boy going after an errant throw. (Mrs. B is still waiting to declare the official Opening Pop involving 2 actual players.)
  • It was interesting to watch Junior Seau in his red jersey standing behind the action on the field in his postition and reacting to the play as if he were playing it live.
  • During a two minute drill, Meriweather (31) made a diving play to knock the ball away from Welker.
  • James Sanders dropped a sure INT.
  • Harrison was working in the other field with Heath Evans (44) going over blocking techniques.
  • Defensive Line signed after practice as well as Moss, Vrabel, Bruschi , Maroney, and others. Tedy stayed out there for at least 45 minutes signing and even gave a late interview to the straggler reporters who were left. I got to take my Annual Training Camp Photo with him, chatted for a little bit, and gave him some of this years Bruschi Backer Schwag ( Hoodies and Hats) for his family. Jake and Al took some great pictures which will be posted later.

And now, I’m starving and Bella needs attention. I’ll be heading back for the evening session in a few hours.