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Archive for July 30th, 2007

July 30th Afternoon Single Session

Just got in from the single afternoon session, barely beating out the whipping wind and black skies. It was a bit cooler on the hill today with a slight breeze. Guys were in full pads and it was the fastest paced and most physical practice thus far. Here are the quick hits for today:

  • At the start of practice, Bam Childress dropped a punt return, starting banging on his helmet in frustration then dropped to the ground to do some self prescribed penalty push-ups. Also returning were tiny twins Welker and Faulk.
  • Rookie Kareem Brown participated in his first practice. I didn’t see Kyle Brady, Garrett Mills or Rashad Baker in addition to the usual missing crew.
  • Pepper and his big boys looked like a synchronized swim team doing slow-mo moves coming up from a 3 point stance during warmups.
  • During a punt blocking drill, Danny Baugher (5) was booming them and Malone (1) looked better today than on other days.
  • Rookie Meriweather was juked so bad by Kelley Washington that he fell.
  • On my favorite pass protection drill, it pains me to say that Heath Evans had it all over my boy, Tedy on one play and he slipped and fell to the ground drawing quite the reaction from the crowd. Heath was “on” dominating most he faced on the drill today. Pierre Woods (58) also looked sharp.
  • Brady was very vocal calling out his offensive teammates to fire them up and get them to focus because the defense was getting the best of them during full squad work.
  • Brady hit Gaffney (10) deep while covered by Hobbs who ended up jumping up on his back at the end of the play.
  • Later Gaffney fumbled and Hobbs and Bruschi were all over it.
  • Sammy Morris was finding holes and got quite a few carries today but lost his helmet in a collision with a sea of blue on one play.
  • Seau (still in red) took a huge lap for jumping offsides on a play.
  • Tory James (28) got a pick today and later almost had another but dropped it and was clearly frustrated.
  • Matt Cassel’s Happy Feet are getting really old…. sigh
  • Wes Welker is super, super speedy and it’s almost comical to see him emerging from behind the Dante’s Big Boys.
  • Brady’s deep sideline sure TD pass to Moss being covered by Gemara Williams (one of the first cuts IMO) was a thing of beauty and drew the biggest crowd reaction of the day.
  • Somebody screwed up royally as Moss and Brandon Meriweather collided on a route and Brady’s ball sailed downfield with nobody there.
  • Fans on the hill were happy with the decision to kick field goals through that set up uprights for the first time this year.
  • Special teamers and QB’s signed. I also heard the crowd reacting as Maroney went over to sign but admittedly didn’t notice anyone else as I was yapping with friends.

Tomorrow there are double sessions but I may have to leave the morning one early for Bella‘s vet appointment and won’t get to the report until the afternoon, if I even have time between sessions. I’ll get on it as soon as I can but just wanted you to be aware of it. And now… dinner!

As always, pictures (as long as Al and/or Jake are with me to take pics) and podcast to follow.