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Archive for August 1st, 2007

August 1st: Afternoon Session 2:30-4:30

Just got in from the single afternoon practice and man, there was tons of traffic on Rt1. Camp was crowded again today early on but the crowd thinned out at time went on. I’m trying my best to get this out in a timely manner with a sore back and a wiggly puppy on my lap.

  • Boys were in full pads today with the same ones in red. Mel Mitchell was on the field wearing #24. Still no Kyle Brady, Garrett Mills, Rashad Baker or AS.
  • Zebras were still in the house today throwing flags much to the dismay of Rodney Harrison who argued with one after getting flagged after a hit on Watson.
  • I was waiting for the multiple rematches of Bruschi and Evans during the pass rush drill today but they met up a few times then Bru was paired with Sammy Morris for most of the afternoon. They were pretty evenly matched. That drill never disappoints. Looking especially sharp was the elusive and slippery Larry Izzo.
  • Despite Watson’s strong performance last night and good one today, I’m anxiously awaiting the return of David Thomas and Kyle Brady, and Garrett Mills as we need some TE depth out there. Kranchick just isn’t cutting it. While making a few decent catches he’s failing miserably on drills.
  • I swear Randy Moss has velcro on hands and made two Huge catches today drawing loud ovations from the crowd. On one, Brady caught him deep on a post corner route in which he burned Rodney. The next one was a pure thing of beauty… Moss leaping up in the EZ with Gay glued to his hip. He lifted up one hand and the ball looked like it just stuck to it.
  • Moss caught just about everything thrown his way until coming up lame in the end zone on a flea flicker play. I knew something was amiss when he slowed down and the ball sailed over his head. He went to the sidelines with trainers who worked on him and iced his left leg for awhile. He later left the field unassisted and appeared to be walking without great difficulty.
  • A sure sign of 11v11 work is the echoing call of Pepper’s “Dah, Dah, Dah” chant. Brady hit quite a few guys including Caldwell, and Gaffney and things were moving quite quickly. Once the second unit took the field I started to snooze…
  • Sanders got a pick today and Cassell had some passes deflected. Since it was way down the other end of the field I’m not sure if Warren or Wilfork were involved.
  • Light took a lap again today.
  • Ellis Hobbs looked especially good in Kick Returns flying up the sidelines for a TD. Wes Welker also is solid.
  • Practice concluded with the whole team running sprints. Hobbs looked extra-smurfy in his blue shirt running with the red QBs.
  • Running Backs signed. Also Ellis Hobbs was out there with his son who was tossing a toy football through the uprights. The crowd was calling for him to come to sign and he put the onus on the little guy to choose the section that he picked to sign. The crowd went wild.

Honestly, this is going to have to do. I’ve got one eye on Bella and keep getting up from my seat after typing every other word. Tomorrow is a double day. See you then!

Tonight’s game plan is to definitely get pix uploaded, labeled and linked back to the blog. Check out the newest podcast #122 that I uploaded this afternoon before heading out to camp :-)