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August 2007
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Archive for August 2nd, 2007

Evening Session 08/02/07

Heading out again tonight with Jake and Erdo Ed (who is crashing at Camp Cardoza for a bit during Pats Camp) and was relieved that it wasn’t as hot as it had been all day. It wasn’t as packed as in previous evening practices and there was plenty of space to stretch out.

Here are  the tidbits for tonight:

  • Guys were in pads for back to back practices today (although they didn’t see much action this morning with the focus on Special Teams).
  • Contrary to the usual routine (and possibly due to the extensive ST focus in the morning,) the session started off with the run and stretching period (usually 3rd) rather the usual ST periods. Even the officials joined in on the opening run.
  • No changes in player attendance status.
  • During drills, kick team worked on fumble recoveries, we saw the return of the WR “4 cones in a square” drill that was a staple in past years. Players are required to run around the perimeter and catch a ball on each side being fired at them from someone standing in the center. Others worked on tackling drills.
  • Intensity was picked up tonight and there was more of a sense of urgency on everyone’s part. Music blared from the speakers through most of the team portion of practice to work on communication with crowd noise. The music also seemed to up the tempo. Of course the actual tackling that took place for really the first time, had lots to do with it.
  • Rodney was very vocal and fired up tonight, arguing with officials and hitting hard! Something went down involving him and Caldwell but I was too far away to see exactly what went on.
  • Kevin Faulk was on target as usual and had an awesome grab as he was charging down the sidelines and hauled one in on the tips of his fingers.
  • Welker continues to be a go-to guy.
  • With the dance tunes playing on the speakers (Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind, & Fire, etc.) I was waiting for Vince Wilfork to start moving and starting his own Big Man Dance Challenge out there.. hehe
  • There was lots of 11v11 work tonight and all three QBs took turns at the helm with the Brady hitting Watson and Gaffney quite a few times on his drives. A few Brady passes sailed out of bounds though, whether it was great defense, poor route running or just some bad timing.. ? Bam Childress seemed to be a favorite target of the back-ups but we did see some great coverage tonight by our D. At one point Willie Andrews (23) and Mike Richardson (35) both jumped up over the head of Bam, collided and Andrews lost his shoe.
  • Gemara Williams (42) picked Cassel. Speaking of Cassel, during one series, he went down and came up limping but shook it off and was fine on the next play. Kelley Washington scored a TD on a Cassel pass as well.
  • Practice ended early with sprints to close it out.
  • OLine signed tonight and as well as Adalius Thomas and Tedy who received a HUGE ovation from the crowd when he headed over to the ropes.

It’s 9:30, I need some dinner, have a pool full of teens, and I’m thinking that I either need a dog-sitter when I get home or need to blog right from camp like the big boys since I spend more time taking her outside than typing! See you guys tomorrow after the 10:30-12:00 practice. Still nothing up on about the upcoming schedule but I know one little lady who wouldn’t complain if BB called a weekend off!

Pictures and podcast to follow.


August 2nd AM session

Home early from the morning practice and even able to get started on my laundry early! Not much going on today but here’s the limited scoop:

  • Another full pad day and another day with the same boys in red.
  • As expected, Randy Moss was nowhere to be seen. Also missing once again were the Puppies and the same MIA crew from all week.
  • During drills an offensive player carrying a football ran towards a defensive player and tried to avoid being tackled. WRs squared off against DBs and in the far field RB’s went up against LBs. There was no contact in the drill, just a touch to simulate a tackle.
  • In another drill DB’s also practiced back pedaling and reacting to change direction by following a ball in the coach’s hand.
  • There was no full team stuff today as practice focused solely on Special Teams with the refs present. Kickoffs, Punt Returns, and Field Goals were on the agenda for the morning. Fans were pleased that they chose to kick towards the hill. Gostkowski was very consistent nailing all of the FG’s that I saw (must admit… during practices like this it’s easy to let the mind wander and start yapping or focusing elsewhere 😉 so I may not have caught it if he did miss anything.
  • Newbie Danny Baugher (5) continues to be impressive with his punts, clearly giving Josh Miller some camp competition. Tom Malone (1) isn’t even in the running. If they end up neck in neck at the end, perhaps the art of holding will be the deciding factor.
  • Ellis Hobb is clearly the best returner on the team (which is no surprise to anyone!)
  • On another return by Gemara Williams, Brandon Meriweather was flagged for a blatant hold.
  • Fans called to Mr. Kraft who was on the sidelines and cheered when he waved back. He also drew some big cheers as he came over and signed autographs along the ropes after practice.
  • Defensive Line signed this morning and Maroney remains the most consistent “extra” of this camp signing mostly every day. He is clearly a fan favorite.
  • Practice ended at 10:00 today.

I’m hoping to use the time today to catch up on labeling and linking pictures before heading back for the evening session.

There’s been a change in tomorrow’s schedule and it’s now 10:30-12:00. There’s still nothing posted for the weekend and beyond as of yet.