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Archive for August 3rd, 2007

Single AM Session 08/03/07

Headed out with Jake for a super hot one this morning and got there to find it completely packed. It was a shortened practice and actually was just a walk-through. I feel bad for anyone whose only trip to camp happened to be this one. Not much to report so I took advantage of the early dismissal time to stop at Panera and have a nice lunch with my son before heading home.

Here are my observations for today:

  • Guys wore shorts and helmets and didn’t even have shells on let alone shoulder pads and literally walked through plays, not even bothering to do the stretch period.
  • Puppies Seymour, Brown, Jackson, Stallworth, etc were on the sidelines in workout clothes (not jerseys.)
  • Moss and Mills both were both back. I still didn’t see Kyle Brady and didn’t notice Adalius Thomas out there this morning.
  • Naturally, since it was Brady’s birthday there were mucho signs and choruses of Happy Birthday coming from the stands.
  • Lonie and the punters saw the most action for the day and there were several boomers going across both fields.
  • After practice, Linebackers signed and Tedy played it up with the crowd while clowning with Rosey on the way to the stands.
  • Also getting in on the signing act were Maroney, Hobbs and Faulk from what I could see.

I left before they sounded the horn to signal the end of the signing period to try to beat the traffic since I was parked far away and had a long hike back to the van.

Pats finally posted the hours for the upcoming practices, so I’ll see you Sunday night after the single 5:00-7:00pm practice.