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Archive for August 5th, 2007

Single Evening Session 8/5/07

Just got home from another walkthrough practice with little to report. I’m in a hurry because I’m NOT sleeping tonight until I finish Harry Potter 7 (yes… I was in line at midnight to get it when it came out but between Bella and camp, I’ve still got more to read.)

Quickies for tonight:

  • Single practice from 5:00-7:00 was held in shorts and helmets only and was jam packed again.
  • Dressed and participating in the walkthrough were Troy Brown, Chad Jackson, and Donte Stallworth. Seymour and Eddie Jackson were present on the sidelines in workout clothes.
  • Recent absentees Randy Moss, Garrett Mills (both back on Friday) and Kyle Brady were  in uniform as well.
  • Junior Seau was keeping busy on the sidelines doing crunches and getting in some extra work.  He also stood way in the backfield and simulated reacting to the play when other guys were in.  Speaking of Junior, not to be upstaged by the boys in Man Capris, he once again was displaying his personal style by wearing his team issued #55 shorts on backwards.
  • Rosey Colvin also used his time to get in some extra conditioning work running sprints between plays.
  • Remember that thought that made me giddy back on July 29th? The one about thinking about Stallworth, Welker, Watson, and Moss all being on the field together? Yah, that one. Well… I got to see it tonight :-)
  • Gostkowski missed quite a few long field goals tonight pulling them either right or left.
  • Tonight looked like “Pop Quiz” night as BB threw out situation after situation for the guys to run through plays.
  • All three punters had some decent booms tonight.
  • The Big Al Bonus for tonight: BB lined up during one of the plays and appeared to jump offsides. He was waiting for him to take a lap!
  • Pseudo-celebrities, Patriots Minutemen took in the last few minutes of practice in full regalia after finishing their duties at the Revs game.
  • Wide Receivers signed tonight along with Maroney and Vrabel as extras.
  • Silly Stuff of the Night: Stallworth coming up and pantsing Gaffney (sweats only) from behind as he was signing an autograph.
  • QB Matt Gutierrez (7) stayed on the field after practice getting in some extra 1:1 work.

Tomorrow brings a morning practice open to the media (but not me) so there won’t be a report coming. Also, tomorrow night is the practice held inside Gillette Stadium for season ticket holders and I’ll be there but I generally take that one “off” since there are lots and lots of people reporting on it so I usually take a breather. I’ll just play it by ear and see how things go.

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