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August 2007
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Afternoon Session 08/07/07

Just got in from the single afternoon session and not sure why but not quite feeling myself. Hope I’m not coming down with something… Anyway, going to make it quick as Bella is looking for attention and I really need to get some dinner and hopefully will feel better.

Here are the quickies for tonight:

  • Guys were in full pads with the usual crew in red.
  • Missing from the field were usual PUPs along with Moss, Kyle Brady, Jarvis Green, Yates, and Watson.
  • A mystery man, #38 was on the field who I now know is Dante Wesley.
  • Brady barked at Garrett Mills after he apparently didn’t run his route fast enough because the ball sailed way over his head and hit the ground.
  • Gino Cappelletti was in the media tent this afternoon.
  • A cute group of Lil Pats fans were next to me chanting “Lets Go Patriots.. woof, woof” and were thrilled to be recorded for the radio.
  • They worked on a lot of 3rd down situations, two minute drills, the passing game, and the pace certainly picked up.
  • Gostkowski hit a lot of long FGs today during the situational, full squad portion of practice.
  • Today wasn’t the Offense’s day.. starting with drops in drills, tipped balls, deflections and picks galore this afternoon.
  • There were some catches of note however, specifically, .. Reche Caldwell’s diving catch from Brady while covered by Hobbs, a Sammy Morris sideline grab from Cassel beating out Adalius Thomas, and the usual Gaffney and Welker connections.
  • Bruschi got a pick and took it to the house, Vrabel got a pick, Gay batted a Brady pass into the waiting hands of Sanders, Rodney batted one away from Gaffney in the EZ, Hobbs broke up a few passes but on one play tipped one into Bam’s hands. Mike Richardson also had one thrown directly to him in the EZ!
  • Towards the end of practice it was D Day all the way and they even resorted to a bit of celebratory gestures as a result. Tedy even gave the sign to the crowd calling for cheers to which they responded.
  • It was nice to say hello to the many fellow fans who came up to me to say hi on the hill.
  • DB’s signed after practice for the smallish crowd that was left.

Sorry that there aren’t many details but I’m kind of in a fog and can’t really make heads or tails of my scribbled notes today. Hopefully, I’m back to my perky self in the AM and ready for the final double session of the week.

As always, check out the Training Camp gallery and my latest podcast.


Comment from Box_O_Rocks
Time: August 7, 2007, 8:02 pm

It’s times like this where I wish I could remember those catchy lines from The Princess Bride better – get some rest, hope you’re feeling perky and productive in the morning! Thanks for toughing it out.

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