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Archive for August 8th, 2007

Wednesday 8/8/07 PM

Home from the final session of the week and due to some situations beyond my control, I really have to just get this one out quickly so it’ll be bare bones.

  • Practice took place in full pads with the usual boys in red. It was one of the least crowded nights and by the end of practice it was quite comfortable on the hill with a nice breeze.
  • PUPpies were MIA as were Moss, K. Brady, Watson, Yates and Hawkins. Jarvis Green was back in the mix.
  • Newbie Notes: Dante Wesley is big and looks more like a linebacker than a DB. A mystery man in white wearing 82 was on the field and even scored a TD from Cassel during Red Zone work. Turns out it’s Marcellus Rivers, a new TE acquisition.
  • Rookie Slip and Slide (running and sliding on wet grass while vets water them down) took place in the back corner of the far field right after the stretch period instead of at the end of practice so they practiced in muddy, wet uniforms and stood out for sure.
  • Tonight was another night filled with situational football focusing on red zone work.
  • My ND loving son, Jake, was happy to see Mike Richardson get a pick tonight. Corey Mays stole one from Quinton Smith in the EZ as they both had their hands on a Guitierrez pass, fell to the ground and he wrestled it away. Willie Andrews also picked Brady after a tip.
  • Gaffney continues to catch just about everything in sight making a great TD grab from Cassel in the endzone covered by Hobbs and another diving sideline catch covered by Dante Wesley.
  • Wes Welker made a nice over the shoulder catch being covered by Wilson and Hobbs.
  • Sammy Morris made a sweet one handed grab from Brady.
  • Kelley Washington made some catches tonight but also earned a lap at one point.
  • Gostkowski nailed all 8 of his field goals tonight.
  • Linebackers signed and Lonie’s biggest sign-bearing fan got her hug and an autograph tonight.

The team travels out tomorrow and plays in Tampa Bay Friday night at 7:30. You know I’ll be tuned it for sure! The final public practices are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs. B on the Bench & Mike takes the field!

Mrs. B somehow knew that today’s practice would only include the 3rd stringers. She decided that instead of making it down to camp for what seemed like a very short practice, she would take some time to rest like our first stringers so she would be at full strength for this afternoon’s practice. Instead she sent her little spy to report from the Dana Farber Field House. Here are the highlights:

None of the starters even appeared for the practice.

Players were in full pads and had full contact drills, but the focus for this practice was solely 11 on 11 game type situations.

Bill Belichick (aka his Hoodiness) was in his trademark sweatshirt and kept trying to speed the practice up to simulate game time situations.

Our third string quarterback Matt Gutierrez took all the snaps,

Brandon Meriweather did practice, along with new CB Dante Wesley

Bam Childress simulated being a running back, fumbling his first handoff, which also showed that the backup defensive line really didn’t have a nose for the ball, because Bam was able to recover his own fumble.

Bam did have many impressive catches, as well as #2 CJ Jones.

#42 Quinton Smith also carried the football, and from what I saw today come roster cutdown date he’ll be one of the first cuts.

Kelvin Kight made an impressive grab in traffic, as well as a nice grab in the endzone, a long pass from the 40 yard line by Matt Gutierrez, who in a real game would have been sacked before the throw.

Matt Guiterrez threw an interception off the hands of #2 and intercepted by Willie Andrews. This was Matt’s only interception of the practice.

Bubble Guys in the Bubble….

Turns out that this morning’s practice lasted just a half hour and was for backup players only. Soooo glad that I didn’t rush out to watch it in the stadium via the jumbotrons. I’ve got far too much to do over here and still not feeling the greatest anyway. Right now, it’s overcast but not actually raining so we’ll see what happens tonight.

Rainy Wednesday

Due to the rain, this morning’s practice has been moved indoors and is not open to the public. See you all tonight after the 5:30 session.