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August 2007
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Tuesday Afternoon 8/14/07

In from practice after stopping on the way home to pick up Madden 08 for Jake and spending a few minutes with Bella. Al’s out there sparking up the grill so here’s the quick low-down from camp before I eat.

  • Guys were in full pads for the single afternoon session under big puffy clouds and cooler temps.
  • Eric Alexander and Laurence Maroney are still in red with Junior Seau returning to practice over the weekend in blue.
  • Rosey Colvin arrived on the field carrying two pairs of used cleats and gave them to the kids sitting on the hill before starting practice. (One little guy didn’t know what to make of it and just stood there while another darted in and scoffed them up!)
  • I looked for creative Rookie hair-doos but so far their domes are still in tact.
  • Ellis Hobbs is taking to wearing a ball cap when not in helmet ala Junior Seau.
  • I did not see Gemara Williams (42) Artrell Hawkins (25) Randy Moss (81) Ty Warren (94) , Billy Yates (74) nor any of the PUPpies. Kyle Brady was on the sidelines for at least the second half of practice in workout wear.
  • At the beginning of practice when doing special teams stuff coaches enlisted Tedy in offering his opinion as someone yelled “How they looking, Bru?”
  • Gostkowski kicked lots of field goals towards the hill both at the beginning and end of practice and nailed most with one hitting the post and one going right. He nailed about 10 others.
  • Stretch period tunes were Stones and Springsteen with Matt Light jogging backwards on one lap.
  • Today’s practice focused on scout work for the upcoming Tennessee Titans game this Friday, kicking game, and running game.
  • During passing drills, Wilson showed some nice coverage on Washington. CJ Jones and Tory James collided midair and came down in a heap on one play.
  • Rashad Baker got in INT on one play, broke up another pass, and later took a hip check in a collision with Seau, all during Scout team work.
  • Lots of time was spent on kick returns with Hobbs, Welker, Faulk, and Morris sharing duties. Throughout camp, the kick team has now adopted the style of staying together as a group until the kick then dispersing and running downfield together rather than already being in their zones.
  • Jake Tidbits: From his vantage point in the stands he saw Junior level Oldenberg during running game work. Columbia University coaching staff took in practice from the sidelines.
  • Kareem Brown got barked at by some coaches and Adalius also talked to him on the sidelines.
  • While defense was working in the far corner, Rosey Colvin and Jarvis Green took a (fast) lap. Later during full squad stuff the entire D took one lead by Randall Gay.
  • There were two “botched” snaps in a row but no laps ensued so I’m not sure if they were planned to practice fumble recovery or they were screw ups.
  • On two consecutive plays, Brady to Welker complete in the endzone with Richardson in coverage.
  • Dante Stallworth must either be like Casper or not standing out because it took until the final sprints for Al to even notice that he was present.
  • BB had the guys run 7 full field sprints and was cracking the whip and yelling for them to go right up to the line. Junior completed half then went to the sidelines (his right calf is sporting a wrap) to do crunches. Mike Wright was already there and they were later joined by Marcellus Rivers who completed 6. (Big Pepper ran with his boys today.)
  • After practice, OLine signed and some groups did intense extra work. Running Backs ran suicides while Gutierrez worked with bubble/longshot WRs Childress, Kight, Jones, and DBs Anam, Wesley, and Richardson on route running with coverage.
  • Tedy B’s boys love the tackling dummies and usually bolt the 100+ yards to where they are and to play with Dad.

Tomorrow is the final day of public access to camp and I’ll be out there for the 9-10:30 session and 5:30-7:30 session. I’ve added pictures to the Flickr over the weekend and recorded a new podcast this morning so check them out if you’re so inclined.
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