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August 2007
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August 15 AM

Arrived at camp this morning to see the veterans on the field in plain clothes doing a walk through while waiting for them to open the gates  a little after 9:00. Once  they left, they let us in  and the back-ups took the field in full pads for what amounted to another walk through situation.

Here’s what little I observed between reading a long overdue library book about teaching (You can tell the natural progression of life as it’s getting closer to head back to school and I’m getting in the groove):

  • The thousands of people who stayed home today must have gotten the memo that I missed. 😉 There were very, very few fans there today although tons of media.
  • The biggest “name” out there appeared to be Patriot’s own B-Lowe, Brian Lowe, of Patriots Today who was asked by a group of kids to sign autographs :-)
  • BB must have been the DJ today as they added in the noise factor by playing nothing but Bon Jovi on the loudspeakers throughout practice.
  • During the brief team portion Willie Andrews came up with a couple of picks on deflected balls. (Bam had one pop in and out of his hands but I’m not sure who the other one was.)
  • Coaches were present for the practice despite the starters not being there.
  • Guiterrez was the lone QB on the field.
  • Bam Childress lined up as RB for a few handoffs.
  • At one point Kyle Bissinger went down and was on his hands and knees for a bit while being attended to by trainers. They checked him out then he walked off under his own power.

That’s all folks! See you tonight for the final public practice of the season. I’ve got lots to do today before then so the extra long break in between is working out well for me.


Comment from Chevy
Time: August 15, 2007, 12:40 pm

Thanks for all the updates over the last few weeks!

Also, since your an educator, I thought you might find this interesting:

So far it is a very good read.

Comment from Brownfan80
Time: August 15, 2007, 1:41 pm

Thanks for another year of TC reports, I love them!

Comment from Barry
Time: August 15, 2007, 5:15 pm

Haven’t taken the time to thank you for all the work you’ve been doing throughout camp but since its almost over (for the public) it’s about time I leave this comment. Trust me when I say the silent majority is very appreciated.

Well the end of training camp being open to the public just means we are that much closer to the season opener.

Look forward to seeing you and all the gang in Miami and at the Redskins home game in October.

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