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July 2008
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MrsB’s Training Camp Report July 28th

Just in from the single afternoon 2:30-4:30 session and need to make this quick as I have something to do ASAP.  I’m just going to give some bullet points of what I remember. (Deferring to the paid guys tonight, folks 😉

  • It was yet another full pad practice and there was no shortage of hitting today. Quite a bit of red zone work,  spirited two minute drills and  7-7’s.
  • Brady took most of the reps today but it wasn’t the best day for the offense and players were showing their frustration.
  • Sam Aiken had a decent day as did Mayo, specifically in the pass protection drill.
  • I’m keeping my eye on Wheatley as he catches it most days.
  • Seymour was on the field but Bruschi and Moss were not (My guess is veteran day off.) (There may have been more missing but these were the ones that I noticed.) Light was absent again as well.
  • David Thomas left the field with a trainer and didn’t return.
  • Fifita took a lap.
  • Fernando Bryant deflected a Brady pass.
  • Meriweather had a near INT in the EZ while he and Wheatley were double covering CJ Jones.  A loud “awwww” erupted from the crowd.
  • Pierre Woods picked off Cassel.
  • It was pretty packed today, both with fans and media.
  • Running Backs signed today and for the second time this week, BB did too. The crowd went wild again and broke into the chant.

Time for me to leave so that’s got to be it. Tomorrow is a double (so does that mean it’s sure to rain?!) Watch for a mini podcast later tonight.

Go Pats!

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