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July 2008
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MrsB’s July 29th PM Report

2008 TC picture with Tedy Bruschi I didn’t get home until after 9:00 from tonight’s practice because I had to pick my son up.  My house is a pit, I’ve yet to eat, and I have a headache so I need to make this one quick.  It was a gorgeous, comfortable summer night on the hill and the boys were back in full pads for a spirited practice after this morning’s walk through.

  • Biggest news: Rodney Harrison was back, fully suited up and jumping right in to practice.
  • Still no Matt Light, the rest of the PUPs, Clement, Redd, Sanders, Seymour or David Thomas, who left injured yesterday.
  • Zebras were on the field and a few flags were thrown out there.
  • Randy Moss continues to be in a league all his own. It must be discouraging to be a rookie corner going against him, as Wheatley knows! However, 22 did rob Moss of a TD in the EZ by knocking it away. He later celebrated with a chest bump with Meriweather and Wilhite.
  • One on one passing drills pitted RBs and TEs vs LBs in one field and DBs vs WR in the other and I was like a swivel head trying to catch action in both fields reacting to the “ahhhs” of the crowd.  I hate to admit it but Tedy was a few steps behind more than once tonight :-(  Watson looked good on the drill and of course, Moss was being Moss in the other field.
  • Chad Jackson dove and hauled in a nice Brady pass and looked better tonight than some of his other outings.
  • Sam Aiken looked sharp to me tonight and scored a TD from a Brady pass.
  • Bryant and Spann had picks with the latter being a tipped by Mayo.
  • First unit’s two minute drill stalled when Watson dropped a TD ball at the post when he hit the ground and when Wheatley defended successfully against Moss in the corner of the EZ.
  • Cassel to Moss over Wheatley later completed a two minute drill with a TD.
  • Running backs signed tonight with Maroney drawing the huge cheers second only to Moss who signed although it wasn’t his turn. (Brady hasn’t been signing daily this year as in the past.)

Tomorrow is a single afternoon session @ 2:30. Sorry there’s not much detail here but I’m beat and there’s still lots for me to do before I can sleep.  There are some more pictures up on my Flickr account, although I’ve yet to label and tag them.

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