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MrsB’s Tuesday Morning Walk Through 07/29/08

Headed out with Big Al and Jake for the first of two sessions today and arrived a bit late but missed nothing.  The guys were dressed in just shorts and t-shirts for a walk through session that even the PUPpies could participate in. It wasn’t that crowded today and I’m sure fans who stayed home were thankful. Although, those that were there must have made out well with autographs if that was their bag.

  • I spotted PUPpies Harrison, Vrabel and Welker out there (who was stretching out with a trainer). Matt Light was not there and was likely getting treatment with the trainers inside.
  • Zebras were in the house.
  • When doing routes, the spread offense was Moss, Gaffney, Jackson and Watson.
  • WR, safeties and cornerbacks stayed on the field continuing to run through plays after most other positions had already left the field. They ended up signing.
  • Tedy B  was a media maven today doing a sit-down with Felger (probably for tonight’s show), a one on one with Massorati then was at the center of the huge group of cameras and microphones.
  • Tedy spotted Big Al when he waved to him so he came over and I got my annual hug and photo with Tedy. We chatted for a minute and I  wished him well for the upcoming season.
  • On the way out, we spotted the Bruschi Boys in line to emulate Dad’s moves at the Experience. :-)
  • I’m watching the video of the rule changes right now during Belichick’s press conference live stream. I’m sure that it will be archived for later viewing on

I’ll be heading back out to tonight’s session later tonight and plan on taking advantage of the long break to get some things down around the house.

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