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July 2008
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MrsB’s TC Report July 30th

Home extremely late from the practice so I’ll try to get this out as soon as I can. (Sorry kids, but family comes first!)  Today was a busy day with lots of things to do before and after camp. I hit up the new Red Robin restaurant before camp with Jake and Mike. It was a good choice.  Today was a hot one and moreso for me because I was sporting an Andre Tippet jersey in honor of our Hall of Famer so it was quite sweaty up there on the hill.

Here are the bullet points for today.

  • Guys were in full pads once again but Brady wasn’t dressed. I think I saw him at towards the end of practice in sweats on the sidelines with Cassel but I didn’t have binoculars so I’m not sure if it was him or not. Regardless, he was most likely on a Vet rest day anyway so nothing to worry about.
  • There was a huge group of camp kids (and Moss fans) sitting in front of us who served as his personal cheering squad. He came by and signed some autographs before getting to work. A couple of Patriots Alumni members came and talked to the kids about getting a good education, fielded their questions and signed some autographs as well.
  • While the guys were stretching out, I recorded a short video clip at the PFW tent for the Hall at Patriot Place fan section.
  • Still no sign of Light, Thomas, etc. or the usual PUPs.
  • Zebras were still in the house and there were lots of flags being thrown and whistles blaring including one in which Seymour jumped.
  • Moss caught one at the post in double coverage, then he bobbled but maintained. BB even questioned  the officials whether it was a TD or not and it was ruled good.
  • Watson had a nice TD at the post in double coverage then tossed the ball into the crowd. Naturally, they returned it to the ball boys.
  • Richardson picked off Gutierrez.
  • Crable and McMahon took laps.
  • Jerod Mayo is (cue Chico and the man voice)  loooking goooood!
  • Fernando Bryant went down after colliding with Brandon Meriweather who intercepted Gutierrez. He remained in the middle of the field being checked out by the trainers, then moved to the sidelines for a bit before testing out the legs in the other field and returning to action.
  • During one-on-one work, RBs had the upperhand over the LBs once again in the close endzone. WR and DBs worked in the far EZ
  • Gary Guyton took lot of reps at outside linebacker this afternoon.
  • Matt Slater spent time at safety.
  • Catch of the Day was a one handed, overhead,  fingertip grab by Moss.
  • They spent quite  a bit of time working on punts and during FG’s there was one miss.
  • After practice, they had a tribute to Andre Tippet, (which I’ll be posting in the podcast feed ASAP) and the whole team was in attendance. Lucky break for autograph seekers as most of the guys stayed for autographs.
  • I’m sure there’s more but it’s almost 8:00 and my dogs are letting me know that they need attention. :-)

Tomorrow is a weird double schedule with a normal 8:45-10:30 AM session but rather than an evening, it’s an afternoon 4:00-5:15. I REALLY wish they would post more dates so I can schedule all of those appointments that I need to make this next week!


Comment from Sean
Time: July 30, 2008, 8:33 pm

Great job mrs b, Im hoping to because coming up from pa to see Springsteen on Sat would like to catch a practice on Sunday.. Also do you know of a special event on Tue Aug 5th someone game me free tix, did not know if you know about it..

Comment from kjcardoza
Time: July 30, 2008, 8:35 pm

I think the event you’re thinking of is on the 4th, no? If so, it’s the in-stadium practice held in the stadium bowl instead of out on the practice fields.

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