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August 2008
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Mrs B’s TC Report August 3rd

Back from this afternoon’s 2:30 practice (and trip to Bass Pro Shop with the boys).  It was jam packed today which I totally expected. In fact, it was the most crowded day of camp thus far this season.  Of course, there were some calls of “Happy Birthday, Brady”  and some singing going on throughout practice in honor of #12’s special day but it seems as though the Brady Ladies have calmed down over the years as there’s not nearly as many shrieks from love struck teens in the stands.

  • Guys were in full pads and there were some new faces on the field due to movement from the PUP list. Welker, Hobbs, Redd, Ruud, Wendell saw their first public practices. Clement went to IR and Barry Stokes was on the field wearing 75 white.
  • No sign of Rodney Harrison today (who may be taking a vet rest day) and still no Matt Light. I also didn’t see Kyle Eckel or James Sanders.  David Thomas is back after missing a few practices.
  • Matthew Slater (who has been doing lots of work on Kick Returns) was wearing a blue defensive jersey today. He drew some loud “ahhhhs” from the crowd blowing by Meriweather on a return early in practice.
  • Middle linebackers faced off against Running Backs in the one on one passing drill (with Brady as QB) in the closest field to the stands. Overall, offense had the upper hand.
  • Ty Warren took a lap for jumping.
  • Adalius Thomas picked Cassell off a tipped ball from Heath Evans. He then lateraled to Spann who took downfield.
  • Meriweather made a great diving play in the corner endzone but I couldn’t see the intended receiver.
  • Vince Redd #47 is 6’6″ and looks more like a DL than a LB.
  • Ray Ventrone had a couple of catches in a row his new role as a WR.  In the first, he made the catch and dragged his feet at the sideline to keep it inbounds. In the second, the coverage was definitely blown though as he was all alone on the sideline and took off with it.
  • Terrence Wheately picked off an underthrown Cassell pass intended for Randy Moss.  But in the red zone work, Brady hit Moss for a TD at the post.
  • Mike Richardson picked one off intended for Kelley Washington. It was a thing of beauty!
  • During situational work, they started with 45 seconds on the clock and tried to get within fieldgoal range. Unfortunately, the clock ran out before Brady and Co. could come through. They moved it all the way down field but failed to spike it in time.
  • TE’s Watson and Thomas looked good while Chad Jackson had a very quiet night.
  • Mayo got into a mini scuffle but I couldn’t see who he was getting into it with as the other guys surrounded the pair. It was more a reflection of flaring tempers and it didn’t escalate past that.
  • They practiced some desperation drills with lateraling and situational special teams stuff. They practiced getting FG unit on the field in time, etc.
  • During FG’s #3 missed two, one which was way off.
  • At the end of practice, BB had they entire squad line up in two rows to run 10 yard wind sprints from a 3 point stance. He reminded them to just listen for  the whistle and a couple of times, guys started when he yelled “GO!” Everyone had to go back and repeat that rep. He also “reminded” some  that they weren’t low enough and yelled at them to get down.
  • Linebackers signed after practice as did the Birthday Boy and daily signer,  Maroney.

Tomorrow morning’s session is 8:45-10:30 in the practice fields then there’s a Season Ticket Holder/Foxboro resident practice inside Gillette Stadium from 6:30-8:30.

Big Al and Jake came with me tonight so there may be pictures posted later. :-)

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