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August 2008
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Archive for August 4th, 2008

Mrs B’s TC Report August 4th AM

Just in from this morning’s session with Big Al. It was a beautiful, breezy day on the hill and was one of the least crowded days thus far. The VIP section was jammed with people on a Reebok promotion but the hill and stands were practically empty.

  • Guys were once again in full pads but big name vets Brady, Bruschi, Harrison, Welker, Seymour, Moss, etc were not on the field today.
  • When I got there, they were watering down the back corner “Slip-n-Slide” area and rookies practiced recovering footballs in pool of muddy water.
  • In Brady’s absence, Cassell was with the first team today and Gutierrez and O’Connell subbed in.
  • O’Connell and Ryan Wendell fumbled a snap (recovered by BenJarvus Green-Ellis) and took a lap, however the QB did a 1/2 loop while the C took in the perimeter of both fields.
  • Belichick’s fashion statement for this year is cut-off grey sweats rolled just above the knee (with an inside out grey sweatshirt when it’s really hot!) He was sporting the one-up-one-down look for a good portion of practice (Can you tell I’m getting silly coming up on the 16th session?.. hehe!)
  • Bubba Ventrone had a very active day and came up with some good catches once again. In a related note, it’s ironic that the former Safety is now playing offense as a WR and WR Slater is now being used primarily as a DB when not doing KR duties. BB at his best..
  • Hit of the day was big man Vince Redd on Heath Evans during tackling drills.
  • DBs had the better day today during drills with Tank Williams, Jonathan Wilhite, and Fernando Bryant breaking up passes in the corner endzones.
  • There was a lot of  heavy hitting goal line work and running of specific plays today. Cassell hit Sam Aiken at the post in traffic for a TD, Maroney was stopped, Jordan was stopped on one but later got past Crable, Pollard and BJG-E scored as well.
  • Special Teamers signed today and Maroney and BB went over to the Reebok crowd and were in the center of the big group while cameras were rolling. They stayed and signed for them for quite awhile.

Tonight’s STH practice inside Gillette is at 6:30 and I’ll likely be attending alone. As usual, I’m officially “off duty” for that one since there are lots and lots of eyes reporting from camp and I just like to relax for at least one practice.

They’ve finally released the schedule for tomorrow 8/5, and it’s a single 2:30-4:30 session. With the game on Thursday, that will likely be it until the weekend as the day before is usually a closed session and guys get the day off after the game.

New pictures will be uploaded this afternoon after I do the Cinderella thing around here.