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August 2008
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Archive for August 5th, 2008

MrsB’s TC Report 08/05/08

Home from the final public camp practice of the week and need to get this one out quickly as I’ve got to head out to help the inlaws with something.

  • Guys were in full pads once again, although lots of the plays were run at half speed with no hitting.
  • Vrabel was back on the field having missed most of camp due to being on PUP.
  • Brady, Moss, Washington, Sanders, Webster, Richardson, Harrison, Eckle, and the PUPs were not on the field today. Hmmm… wondering what’s up with Rodney…   :(
  • Bruschi and Mayo were like glue on the sidelines all day.
  • Punter Chris Hanson was the recipient of “Go #6!” chants from a group of camp kids at the beginning of practice as he was warming up right near them. Perhaps it was his good luck charm as he did a lot of punting today and dropped two nice and close to the goal line at the end of practice.
  • Slater, Spann, Jordan, Jones returned kicks.
  • A couple of near picks for DBs today as Wheatley got his fingertips on one above his head intended for Gaffney in corner of the  EZ.  Fernando Bryant tipped one intended for Dunlap in the other EZ and Antwan Spann intercepted a Gutierrez ball in traffic. After the pick Spann and Meriweather were impersonating fencers in  “En garde!” motions in good fun.
  • In what would have been the “ahhhh!” moment of the day, Welker and Slater both went up for a long Cassell bomb with neither one coming up with it.
  • Ventrone had a nice grab on offense and also donned a blue pinney to help out in the backfield on D.
  • Things were slow going as they spent lots of time running through plays for Thursday’s game and practicing situational football. Glad there are a few days off as this old bod is starting to protest sitting idly on the hill and my back is starting to act up.
  • Towards the end of practice, they kicked field goals into the wind at the opposite endzone.
  • Wide Receivers signed today.
  • In one of the athletic feats of the day, Kristina Akra of Patriots Today successfully made her way down a slippery grass slope to the field in her high shoes. :-)  (Told you it was a slow news day!)

Reminder:  No public camp until Monday, August 11th at 8:45AM.

Go Pats!!