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August 2008
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MrsB’s TC Report August 12th

Home from practice but have to be super speedy as I’ve actually “turned the corner”  and don’t really have time for camp as I’m busy getting things done in my house and for the start of school. (Where did the summer go?!)

Here are the quick hits for today.

  • Guys were in full pads and the QB’s were in white instead of red today. Gutierrez was not there again today. Also out were the usual PUPs, Harrison, Light, Eckle, Wilhite, Sanders, Richardson, Aiken, O’Callahan, Spach, Wright, Smith, Hochstein &  Jordan,
  • With the Patriots Experience closed and showers in the afternoon, practice attendance was very light.
  • There was a lot of fast paced situational work done today with BB calling out different scenarios “3rd and 4 on the 20” etc… All in all, it was a good day for the offense with Brady hitting Welker, Moss, Watson for TDs.
  • Bruschi and Evans faced off once again on 1:1 pass protection with 54 winning today’s battle.
  • Unfortunately, one of the biggest “Awwwws” from the crowd came when Chad Jackson missed a Brady catch in the corner EZ. Hobbs had good coverage but it was do-able.
  • Wheatley had some nice coverage on 1:1 passing drills.
  • OLine with the first team were Britt, Mankins, Koppen, Yates, Kaczur
  • The entire D took a lap for the first time today. (Of course, unknowing fans cheered them as they ran by the bleachers.) Santonio Thomas also took an individual as did Barry Stokes.
  • During situational stuff, fans got a chuckle after Moss made a great catch on the sidelines, and BB ruled no catch, then said “We reviewed it, and Randy’s in.” That set up a nice touchdown by Watson at the post covered by Mayo.
  • Gost hit 6 of 6 field goals at the end of practice and guys ran sprints. They huddled up for a long time with some applause going on back there. Practice ran over by 15 minutes.
  • Randy Moss went right over to sign much to the delight of the crowd. OLine signed as a unit. Ivan Fears and Vrable signed as well.
  • Tedy worked with Mayo after practice for about 15 minutes in the back corner with the tackling dummies. Gary Guyton was also there taking in the lesson.

Tomorrow’s practice is from 2:30-4:30. I’m going to try to make it but I can’t make any promises as my To Do list is unbelievably huge right now and time is running out!

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