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August 2008
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MrsB’s TC Report August 13th

Home from camp (and a delicious Red Robin take-out dinner.) It was an absolutely gorgeous day today and it will likely be my last session of this season. (I REALLY have to get in my classroom and my calendar is full of appointments on Friday so time is running out.)

Today was another day of situational stuff and was slower paced than yesterday.

  • Guys were in full pads once again and the QBs were in white again today.
  • Seymour and Adalius Thomas weren’t on the field (in addition to the usual crew) so they may have been on a vet day off. Mike Wright and Antwain Spann were back. The rest of the absentees remained the same.
  • Period 3 music today included the Olympic theme, which featured Eric Alexander sprinting ahead of the pack and Ellis Hobbs skipping and back pedaling to the music.
  • Brian Lowe  (Patriots Today) had quite the fan club on the hill and signed more than one autograph for kids calling his name.
  • Bubba Ventrone had an active day earning props from Seely at the beginning of practice and hauling in a few nice passes as the day went on. His diving catch in double coverage, (Mayo, Meriweather) was the catch of the day IMO.
  • First string OLine was the same as yesterday: Britt, Mankins, Koppen, Yates, Kaczur.
  • Welker had a nice one handed grab during drills causing the crowd to erupt.
  • Handling Kick Return work were Jones (2 for 3 with one drop), Jackson, Slater, and  Hobbs.
  • In an unusual site, Mike Vrabel took a penalty lap during defensive work on the left field.
  • Later, Pollard, Moss & Britt each took one during 11 on 11 work.
  • Newbie Jeff Shoate (23) nearly picked one intended for Watson and Antwan Spann seemed to get beaned off the back of the helmet deflecting the ball while defending a pass intended for Welker.
  • Practice ended with Gost going 6 for 6 field goals on the hill then the team ran sprints.
  • During the huddle, cheers errupted and high fives were all around. Wilfork earned the team a night off with his feat of catching a football while holding two others. (This “night off” ritual was what I formally dubbed the Matt Light Memorial as in the past he would be the one to earn the team some respite by fielding a punt.)
  • Linebackers signed today.

There is another session tomorrow at 2:30 and I heard that they added one more on Friday. Please check for details.

It’s been a great camp and in retrospect really did fly by.  I’m really excited for the upcoming season and was glad to get a look at what appears to be a promising rookie class.   I hope you enjoyed the little bit that I could add to the numerous online reports each day.

Go Pats!



Comment from George
Time: August 13, 2008, 9:43 pm

Mrs B
Thanks for your reports, I really look forward to hearing them. Seeing that this is your last practice, what is your
feeling about this team? George

Comment from kjcardoza
Time: August 14, 2008, 12:21 am

I’m psyched about our rookie class and am VERY impressed with Mayo. I’m concerned about the OLine and their health and ability to give Brady adequate time. An injury to him would be disastrous to this team! All in all, I’m looking forward to this season and hope to see solid football with improvements from week to week.
Go Pats!

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