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August 2008
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Archive for August 14th, 2008

Mrs B’s TC report August 14th

Surprise!  Thanks to a productive morning in my classroom (and a son who wanted to make a trip to Bass Pro Shop) I ended up making it to camp this afternoon after all. The rain followed me all the way up Rt. 1 and it sprinkled for about 1/2 hour at the beginning at camp but it didn’t hinder practice at all.

Here are the highlights from this off duty, TC Reporter. 😉

  • Guys were in full pads with QBs in white again. Seymour was back but Adalius Thomas wasn’t so perhaps I was wrong about him having a vet day off yesterday.
  • The first outburst from the crowd came when Brady went long to Maroney who flew down the field blowing by Alexander during drills.
  • The practice was mostly ground game stuff early on and was slow paced through 7 on 7’s.
  • Gutierrez was back (but I’m sure at one point he wished he wasn’t.) He ended up throwing back to back picks. The first was by Eric Alexander who grabbed one intended for Pollard. The next was snagged by Wheatley which was on it’s way to Jackson.
  • Speaking of Jackson, he even made some catches today!
  • Stupar got some work in long snapping for punter Chris Hanson.  Welker and Faulk switched off receiving.
  • New OLine dude Stephen Sene is wearing 64 (and took his first lap right past Bob Kraft who was watching practice from the sidelines.)
  • Sammy Morris fumbled in the red zone and Vince Redd picked it up.
  • During 11 on 11, the beginning was slow going with lots of running plays then heated up during 2 minute drills. Brady’s drive ended with a jack-in-the-box style leap by Randy Moss over Ellis Hobbs’s head in the EZ. Cassel’s drive ended in a FG.
  • Ty Warren had back to back neutral zone infractions and earned 2 laps from a clearly pissed off BB.
  • Welker had a nice diving grab (from 12)  causing the crowd to erupt.
  • Gostkowski hit all field goals again today and guys ended practice with quite a few sprints.
  • I missed who signed because my contact tore at the beginning of practice and I had already put my binoculars away while I was walking out so I couldn’t make out who they were.

Tomorrow’s practice is  from 12:00-2:00 and I’m going to try to make it although I can’t make any promises.  It just happens to fall between two of my appointments and I REALLY would love to see our new safety, John Lynch,  in action. :-)