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August 2008
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Archive for August 15th, 2008

Mrs B’s Final 2008 TC Report 08/15/08

Home from appointments and final camp practice behind Gillette Stadium. Attendance was the lightest thus far, probably because they added the session just this week and because of the noon start time. Guys were in full pads again¬† although practice wasn’t really at full speed.

  • John Lynch was on the field in his 47 jersey. He worked with the DBs. Vince Redd is now wearing 49.
  • Brady was not on the field today and deferred to the back up QBs. Adalius Thomas was back after missing two in a row.
  • Rookies finally got their make-overs and were sporting some nasty haircuts including some crop circles for Ryan Wendell, a cueball for Ruud, and devil horns for Stupar. Crable was sporting a winter hat during stretches so I can just imagine what he ended up with.¬† Since Mayo has dreads he likely escaped the coif but probably lost his eyebrows.
  • In addition to the usual stretching playlist (Today featured some down home Johnny Cash), the sound folks also blasted the tunes while both units were on the field to simulate crowd noise.
  • During 7 on 7’s O’Connell hit Moss in the corner EZ as he jumped up over Ade Jimoh. He went on to hit CJ Jones at the post on the next play with Wheatley close behind.
  • Crable took a lap while working with the Big Units in the other field.
  • Guitierrez had some severe overthrows today… one almost hitting the VIP section. I would have sworn he was under pressure but the OL and DL were not even on the field. O’Connell had his share as well.
  • Wheatley picked off an O’Connell bullet intended for Ben Watson and took it up field.
  • Entire defense took a lap with Pepper in the lead.
  • They did a lot of red zone work with no hitting while running through plays.
  • Koppen and O’Connell took a lap together.
  • At one point Randy Moss hauled in a catch and it appeared that Fernando Bryant knocked it out of his hands to the ground.
  • Mayo was getting some 1:1 instruction with Matt Patricia while he wasn’t needed on the field. Bruschi and Vrabel used that time to do some core work on the sidelines.
  • Watson made a catch in the EZ and Bryant connected with him when he came down. Bryant’s shoulder appeared to be hanging and worked with trainers on the sidelines. He later joined the team on the field.
  • Mr. Kraft was on the sidelines and took some pictures with folks sitting in the VIP bleachers.
  • CJ looked shaky to me today, missing more than one pass.
  • Santonio Thomas batted a pass at the line of scrimmage.
  • Gostkowski once again hit all field goals at the end of practice.
  • OLine signed as well as all of the rookies, Jackson, and Vrabel.

And now, this REALLY is the final report of 2008 as there are no more public practices and I leave tomorrow for a week of reading and relaxation on the shores of Winnipesaukee. Enjoy the season, folks!

Go Pats!!


PS.. While the TC Reports are finished for the year, keep in mind that my podcast continues year round so be sure to check it out if you are interested.