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July 2009
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MrsB’s July 31st PM report

I’m still trying to shake the chill from getting soaked to the skin at the close of today’s practice.  A severe thunderstorm rolled through just as everyone was fleeing for their cars and was so strong that you literally couldn’t see and the wind blew over the fences surrounding the Patriots Experience parking lot!

The crowd was very light, most likely due to the impending weather and the fact that the camp busses don’t tend to do the second practice.

Workout music was playing during the stretch for this session, traditionally chosen by the offseason workout winners. As in the 3 sessions that I’ve attended, Wilfork stays to the back of the group by himself for the period.

Bruschi was off again tonight and Moss was in. For both days they’ve been on opposite schedules with Moss absent for the morning and Bru absent for the afternoons. Light  and Neal were back after being out for two in a row. Still no Seymour, O’Callaghan etc. Wilhite and Galloway were absent tonight as well. Shawn Springs made his first appearance.

The up and down Edelman had a decent catch today jumping up over a defender’s head to grab  an O’Connell pass, redeeming himself somewhat for this morning’s drops.

Chung and Meriweather worked together this afternoon.

Pats did some two minute work  (yippee!) but failed to get to the EZ (booooo!). The session ended early though due to the storm.

Mayo deflected an O’Connell pass and Meriweather picked one off as well. On the upside, he connected with Terrence Nunn with a nice pass in 7:7 work.

Can’t remember much else and my pad got so soaked I can’t read a thing…. One thing for sure is that some consistency will be welcome!

I’ve got a wedding to attend tomorrow so I’ll be back on Sunday, weather permitting!

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