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August 2009
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MrsB August 3rd PM

Just back from the second practice of the day and while the boys were in shorts, shells and helmets instead of full pads for the first time this camp, it was a pretty spirited and fast paced practice.

*Tom Brady started off practice as the recipient of his “gift” from the OLine… a cake in the face and a Gatorade jug-o-water shower much to the delight of his teammates.  His pointing at his line and giving the slicing of the throat sign insures that payback will certainly be coming!

*Brandon Merriweather certainly is vocal.. He could be heard hooting and hollering every time his defensive teammates made a good play and when he picked off Brady and robbed Moss of a TD, he dropped to the ground and started spinning around in  a 3 Stooges like celebration.

* The JUGS machine was used again during kick-off drills and the guys had to first field one ball then toss it into the air as another was on the way, catching both then again with 3 balls. (What can I say… watching drills gets to be old after awhile and something new to report spices it up.)

*QB’s and receivers worked on routes simultaneously with all 4 throwing and running to receive at the same time.

*During 1 handed receiving drills, I once again commented to Mike that it’s like Moss has Velcro hands… He’s in a class by himself.

*Rookie Darius Butler (28)  stayed stride for stride with Moss and  tipped a Brady pass robbing him  during 7-on-7’s. Later, Welker took the rook to school evading him and connecting with Brady for a TD.

*Eric Alexander did lots of (voluntary) pushups on the sidelines throughout practice  when it wasn’t his turn to be on the field.

*Brady’s 2 minute drive started off with a long bomb complete to Galloway then one went through Moss’s hands. Welker caught one at the ground around the 3. Pass to Faulk was deflected by Mayo then the drive ended when aforementioned Merriweather pick of Brady at the post took place. (Faulk gave Mayo dapps for his head’s up play.)

*Brian Hoyer struggled big time today, but he’s an extra arm in camp.

* N00bs and Rookies continued on 7 on 7’s with Hoyer in one field while the rest of the team ran sprints in the other.

*The Krafts took in the practice, he from the sidelines and she from a comfortable spot on a blanket in front of the VIP bleachers.

* Defensive line signed and we got a chance to say hello to TBC after practice  and welcomed him back to the Pats.

I’m working in the morning so I’ll be back tomorrow for the second session only.

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