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Archive for August 11th, 2009

MrsB August 11 PM

Wasn’t going to bother posting tonight since it’s so late and it’s all probably been said already but figured I should let you guys know I’m still alive..hehee. Of course,  we all had the weekend off and I’ve been at work during  some of the practices but even the ones that I’ve attended lately, I haven’t gone right home and have gotten in too late. Nothing great to report but I know that there won’t be any camp until Sunday  (away game and Country Music Festival) so here it is.

It was a hot one this afternoon and while the guys were in shorts and shells, they had a pretty spirited final practice before heading out to Philly tomorrow.

Bon Jovi was on the sidelines and spent most of the practice talking to Kraft while his music blared from the speakers during warm-ups and drills. NFL Films guys were also on the sidelines with their cameras too.

Lots of passing game stuff and of course, Brady to Moss was the order of the day. No surprise to all that they are truly in a class by themselves. (No Welker again tonight.) Jamar Love probably didn’t love being assigned to Moss all day that’s for sure!

Also tons of situational stuff and scout stuff going on throughout practice.

Wheatley had a sweet pick in the EZ over Shun White. Ventrone hauled on in from Hoyer for a TD. Greg Lewis hauled one in from Brady jumping up over defender Mike Richardson for the completion.

Rookie snapper Jake Ingram ran the show today with vet Hodel absent. Hochstein and Ninkovitch took some snaps as well.

Edelman got some private tutoring from Brady and Moss on the sidelines after a play today. Got lots of special teams reps too.

“Seabass” was the savior of the day to catch the punt at the end of practice for the annual “earn the team a reward” antics.  (Still no annual training camp creative  rookie hairdoos as of yet though.)

Although it’s only a preseason game I’m excited to see Brady and Co. back on the field this Thursday night… Go Pats!!