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Archive for July 29th, 2010

MrsB 7/29pm

Hi kids.. Just in from the afternoon session, grabbing a bite at Red Robin, and doing some shopping with the boy at Patriot Place  so this needs to be a shorty. I’ve got dogs to cuddle and a house to clean.

* The afternoon was gorgeous with sunny skies and a nice breeze. Crowds were lighter than the morning. Once again, guys were in full pads (although since last year, it seems to be the norm for most every practice.)

* It was pretty slow going at the beginning and was very quiet starting off with some field goals early on. Looked like the same group of missing/puppies as the morning (Mankins, Burgess/Welker, Brace, Jenkins, Aiken)

* The crowd woke up during route running, most especially when Tate made a terrific diving catch from Brady. There was no coverage since it was drills but it was  still a beauty and worthy of the praise.

* The highlight of practice was during the pass coverage drill when Faulk lined up with Mayo. Mayo stopped him cold and Fault wasn’t happy and wanted a Do-Over.  He got his wish saying “Let me show you something!”  Sure enough he juked his way around Mayo and got the ball untouched and wide open.

* Mr. Kraft spent some time talking to BB on the sidelines then entertained a group of suits while Mrs. Kraft set up and watched from the grass in front of the VIP bleachers.

* Vollmer took a solo lap while the same combo from the morning, Robinson (QB) and Wendell  (C) took another one together this afternoon.

*During some team work, Moss and Tate worked together as receivers on the outside.

*Guyton must have gotten a pick while they were working down in the opposite Red Zone as I couldn’t see anything except the backs of players, then came  59 emerging through the crowd.

*Fans stood up way too early for autographs and it’s catchy.. once one does, it’s like a wave that you can not only see but hear when they all rise and go to the ropes.

*Most guys did short sprints at the end of practice with the newbies getting in some extra team  work with Robinson at QB.

*When they huddled up, a chorus of Happy Birthday could be heard but I didn’t know whose it was until one of the guys gave Pepper a gatorade shower (of water) when it was through.

* OLine is back to lining up their helmets during their group cool down again… back to normal. LOL

*Running Backs signed this afternoon.

Random fashion notes: Pepper looks like he trimmed down some and Brady is sporting some long shaggy hair.

FYI:  No twitpics this afternoon as my phone battery was dying.  I’ll likely get a podcast up tonight. There was a car show going on in the Bass Pro lot right along Rt. 1 but I’m not sure how long it will last.

Opening Session 7/29AM

Day One, Session One is in the books!  My Christmas in July has begun and I’m raring to go! This morning was a rainy one and initially wasn’t too crowded. Once the camp buses showed up and the families came out to brave the sprinkles it got really crowded. Of course, I was in my usual spot on hill and although I wasn’t prepared with rain gear, I was comfortable enough.

Here’s MrsB’s notes for this morning:

* Punter Zoltan Mesko not only has  a great name but was the lone player on the field when I arrived.

* When the guys came out, I immediately noticed #41’s huge head of hair and thought about how much fun the vets will have on Rookie Haircut Day.. Turns out it’s Ross Ventrone, wearing big brother’s old number.

* Puppies were on the field for the stretching and did their conditioning work with trainers on the sidelines during practice instead of holing up in the field house or gym. Welker did some “leash work”  and lots of footwork. The 4 puppies/flunkies started off with some skipping then got into the work. Looked like, 88 Aiken, 10 Jenkins, and 97 Brace were there with 83 Welker.

* Big Vince took the first lap of camp, running during defensive drills. Later, 69 Wendel and 7 QB Zac Robinson took one together for botching a snap.

* Returning kickoffs were 11 Edelman, 19 Tate, 17 Price, and 32 McCourty.

* Andre Tippet took in practice from the top of the VIP bleachers.

* Play of the day goes to Brady to Moss for a corner endzone TD, covered by Sanders;  Biggest catch and biggest cheer.

* Starting corners were Leigh Bodden and Darius Butler with Merriweather and Chung as Safeties.

* Slater was in white and is listed as a WR this year.

* Starting OLine consisted of Vollmer, Neal, Koppen, Light, and Kaczur.

* Defense ruled in Redzone work when Price missed a pass, then Vince and Chung each made a stop resulting in a series fieldgoals.  (Nice hands by the kid on the hill  on the first catch and then one almost ended up in the media tent.)

* Practice wrapped up early, finishing at 11:00. It was Linebackers turn to sign but Randy Moss signed the entire time as well. Looks like Brady exited the field right after practice.

Here’s some random post practice tidbits…

* The media tent was overflowing for opening day.

* The OLine no longer aligned helmets in a row during post practice drills as they had in the past (Jake tidbit).

* 55 Brandon Spikes looks bigger than his 6’2″ and looks like he could be Mayo’s brother.

* Mr. Kraft came out at the end of practice and was talking to Mayo on the sidelines.

* Rookie Cunningham signed for awhile then started to leave until Patricia barked at him and sent him back to sign until the horn went off.

* The Revs were practicing in their field and you could see balls up in the air throughout the morning.

* A little guy put on Sammy Morris’s pads/jersey (assuming it was his son) and was running around until his sister(?) pushed him over and he had trouble getting back up.

* We waved and said hi to TBC while he was on his way in… one of the few players left on the roster that I know.

* I REALLY hope that the baby that fell out of the stroller while the dad was bringing it up the hill is ok!

I’ll be heading out later for the afternoon session and will get a podcast out at some point as well.

I also sent a few twitpics during camp and wasn’t sure how they would come out but weren’t that bad. If you want, follow me on Twitter for future glimpses of my view from the hill.