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MrsB 7/29pm

Hi kids.. Just in from the afternoon session, grabbing a bite at Red Robin, and doing some shopping with the boy at Patriot Place  so this needs to be a shorty. I’ve got dogs to cuddle and a house to clean.

* The afternoon was gorgeous with sunny skies and a nice breeze. Crowds were lighter than the morning. Once again, guys were in full pads (although since last year, it seems to be the norm for most every practice.)

* It was pretty slow going at the beginning and was very quiet starting off with some field goals early on. Looked like the same group of missing/puppies as the morning (Mankins, Burgess/Welker, Brace, Jenkins, Aiken)

* The crowd woke up during route running, most especially when Tate made a terrific diving catch from Brady. There was no coverage since it was drills but it was  still a beauty and worthy of the praise.

* The highlight of practice was during the pass coverage drill when Faulk lined up with Mayo. Mayo stopped him cold and Fault wasn’t happy and wanted a Do-Over.  He got his wish saying “Let me show you something!”  Sure enough he juked his way around Mayo and got the ball untouched and wide open.

* Mr. Kraft spent some time talking to BB on the sidelines then entertained a group of suits while Mrs. Kraft set up and watched from the grass in front of the VIP bleachers.

* Vollmer took a solo lap while the same combo from the morning, Robinson (QB) and Wendell  (C) took another one together this afternoon.

*During some team work, Moss and Tate worked together as receivers on the outside.

*Guyton must have gotten a pick while they were working down in the opposite Red Zone as I couldn’t see anything except the backs of players, then came  59 emerging through the crowd.

*Fans stood up way too early for autographs and it’s catchy.. once one does, it’s like a wave that you can not only see but hear when they all rise and go to the ropes.

*Most guys did short sprints at the end of practice with the newbies getting in some extra team  work with Robinson at QB.

*When they huddled up, a chorus of Happy Birthday could be heard but I didn’t know whose it was until one of the guys gave Pepper a gatorade shower (of water) when it was through.

* OLine is back to lining up their helmets during their group cool down again… back to normal. LOL

*Running Backs signed this afternoon.

Random fashion notes: Pepper looks like he trimmed down some and Brady is sporting some long shaggy hair.

FYI:  No twitpics this afternoon as my phone battery was dying.  I’ll likely get a podcast up tonight. There was a car show going on in the Bass Pro lot right along Rt. 1 but I’m not sure how long it will last.

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