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July 2010
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MrsB 7/30AM

It’s a gorgeous NE summer day with sunny skies and no humidity. Fans and players probably love it but I’m sure BB would have preferred a “scorcha” to get the guys used to the oppressive heat. Camp was very crowded this morning, but it wasn’t surprising since it was a Friday and there was no rain. Lots and lots of day camp kids took in this morning’s practice. I spent some time yapping with Peg and JD of Patriotsplanet and Mike so my eyes weren’t completely glued to the field.

Here’s my tidbits for today:

* Zoltan was the first on the field again today and when Welker arrived he got the biggest ovation, by far.

* Puppies were skipping on the sidelines again to start off but Aiken was dressed and participating fully in practice today.

*Early on during drills, Brady and rookie Center Ted Larsen (62) took a lap.  I’m sure there is no question who screwed up on that exchange.

* Zoltan was booting some big punts with but pulled a couple to the left. (He’s a lefty and wears an orange cleat on his kicking foot, btw.)

* Big collision of the day occurred in the EZ between Kyle Arrington (27) and James Sanders (36) as they were both closing in to defend against Buddy Farnham (13) who was going out for a pass. It was knocked away, he didn’t catch the ball,  and the two boys in blue crashed into each other.

* LB Tyrone McKenzie (44) leveled Maroney with huge crash of pads during goal line work  and wins the stop of the day award.  Of course it’s good news for our D but not good news for our O!

*The Ghost went 6/7 on FG attempts while the folks on the hill didn’t fare so well.. lol

* As practice winded down, the offense took a team lap, first of the camp season, presumably for their inability to come out on top again over their defensive counterparts during the team portion of practice.

* The D-Line signed today.

I’m not sure if I’ll be making it to tonight’s practice. If not, catch you tomorrow. Go Pats!!

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