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Archive for July 31st, 2010

MrsB 7/31PM

Headed back for the afternoon session and as expected it was packed. Boys were back on the field in full pads and Darnell Jenkins (10) participated. The rest of the Puppies were doing their work on the sidelines and Slater, Kaczur and Warren were MIA.

Tidbits for Tonight:

*Brady’s entrance got a huge ovation but Welker enjoyed the largest by far when he was spotted by the crowd.

*During stretches, BB’s sons were playing catch and he went over to talk to them in a father/son moment.

* Once again, Chung lead the group running way ahead of the pack during warmup sprints.

*During drills the boys in blue were practicing fumble recoveries. They began by tackling the dummy then pounced on the balls that were thrown down by the coaches.

*Early on, Terrence Johnson  (43) came up lame during coverage and left the field with trainers.

* When running patterns with 1:1 coverage it’s clear just how awesome Brady —> Moss is. Randy routinely waits until the last minute to put his hands up and comes up with the ball. On one play, it looked like Bodden would be successful in his defense until 81 cut, put his hands up and made the catch. He makes it look too easy…

* Brandon Tate made lots of great leaping catches today… Definitely one to keep your eye on!

* Edelman seemed to struggle a bit today as he had some drops during drills.

*Meriweather made a nice play as Price went deep on a perfect Brady pass, had 31 beat then he caught up and broke it up in the EZ at the last minute, getting a huge roar from the crowd.

*It was hard to see from my EZ during 11:11 because this year they seem to be running two groups at the same time more than ever.  Lots of bodies out there, moving fast!  But,  McGowan (30) picked off Robinson (7) during one series and Chung had an INT as well but I couldn’t see the QB  (7 again?) during that play. On another, play Leigh Bodden tipped the ball and Williams came up with it.

* DL Adrian Grady (65) took the first lap of the day then a rare sight, Brady and Koppen took one for a bad snap.

* There was lots of Red Zone work in the other EZ and offense came up big today (unlike the last few practices where D was dominant.) Moss, Gronkowski (87) and a third TD that I couldn’t see caused lots of vocal hooting and hollering from the White Squad.

* After practice, BB “pulled a Scar” and ran sprints in the far field, something that Dante is known for (and probably one reason why he’s still in such incredible shape!)

* Receivers signed tonight.

Another day of doubles tomorrow.. See you in the AM!

MrsB 7/31AM Walk-Through

Headed out with Big Al early this morning and arrived at camp ready for the 9:30 session. They had changed the time to 10:00 which I didn’t know until I got there but it was ok that I left early because I was able to grab my favorite spot. Part of the delay might have been the David Patten Retirement press conference but more likely because it was just a shorts and tee shirt walk through.

I feel bad for those folks whose only trip out to camp was this morning as there literally wasn’t much going on at all. (Glad I had an audio book with me and plugged in for the practice… )

A couple of tidbits:

* Zoltan was practicing punt fakes and throwing and has a pretty nice tight spiral.

* D-Line was doing some shifts where a player rolled on the ground then got up and into position.

* Special Teamers and QB’s signed today and it was nice that it worked out that way since the kids were pretty darn patient and well behaved during the long morning of nothingness…. Brady did his walk and sign but seemed to take his time and was out there for quite a while. Randy Moss  signed a lot this morning although it wasn’t his turn.

* We got passes to the brunch in the (thanks Mike!) and Ed  Ellis was the Alumnus signing autographs and speaking. It was very nice and he had nothing but praise for the organization with the ability to compare it to the many others that he had been a part of.  It’s nice to see such an active Alumni Association.. Hat tip, Pats!

I’m heading back out for the afternoon session later which should be a normal pads practice.

I also noticed more dates/times have been released since the first posting:

Tuesday, August 3

  • 9:30am – 11:15am; 3:45pm – 5:30pm
  • Patriots Experience open from 11am – 4pm

Wednesday, August 4

  • 9:30am – 11:15am; 3:45pm – 5:30pm
  • Patriots Experience open from 11am – 4pm

Thursday, August 5

  • 9:30am – 11:15am; 3:45pm – 5:30pm
  • Patriots Experience open from 11am – 4pm