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August 2010
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MrsB 8/1PM

Home from another chilly afternoon practice. (I’ve only worn a sweater twice all summer and it was for the last two afternoon practices.)  The place was packed as expected for a weekend session.

Here’s the scoop from this afternoon’s session:

*Chung was groovin to the beat prior to practice and Brady just  happened to be coming on to the field as “I’m Too Sexy” was playing. Later, Chung was bustin out some Irish Step moves.. LOL

* Rob Ninkovich practiced some long snapping.

*During drills BB’s son was throwing the passes to the DBs.

*Early on, Offense and Defense players were partnered up and were traveling along the yardage markers trying to bat the ball out of their partner’s hand. Crumpler and Mayo each knocked it out of each other’s hands during their trip.

*The Smurf Brigade Revisited  (Welker, Edelman, Jenkins) and Price, Tate, Moss really got the crowd into it while running patterns, with most of the passes resulting in completions. Edit: Forgot to mention Welker’s turn at playing to the crowd tonight, raising his arms up for applause during aforementioned drill.  Naturally, the crowd complied. My 54 was famous for that one.

* During the 1:1 period, there were some WR going long on one end of the field and some shorter yardage stuff on the other end.. at times it seemed that the two groups could collide.  Gronkowski and Jenkins both made notable catches.

* In the opposite field, QBs were throwing passes at a trash can about 40 yards away. I saw Brady and Hoyer each hit the can (not in the can) but not Robinson.

* Gerard Warren (68) took a lap.

* Guyton slipped in coverage, came up limping, was able to walk but went to sideline with trainers and then left the field with them.

* Edelman, Tate and Farnham returned kicks.

*During full squad work, Brady hit Moss but then 81 gave Jenkins a thumbs up and high five on the sideline, presumably for his route running,  drawing the defenders to his side.

*Brady missed Crumpler down the middle as Crumpler and Meriweather collided. Brandon did a few push-ups before getting up. The crowd got a bang out of that.

*Aaron Hernandez just keeps on making plays.. fast, intense and all around good stuff.. He’s a Keeper!

Post Practice Tid Bits:

*Linebackers signed today as did Welker who got a HUGE cheer.

* Scar went over to sign as well.

* BB ran his sprints again.

* Torry Holt’s son (looked about 8 yrs old or so) was going out for Dad’s passes and has some good hands!  They were playing with a nerf football after practice and Torry would tell him the route to run and he did, cutting and turning just in time to haul it in.. Rookie class of 2024 perhaps??

From the “you haven’t lived until you.. ” file:  Big Al and I got a bang out of a young boy in the parking lot, presumably emerging from his inaugural visit to a Handy House.. The look on his face as he exclaimed “Dad, it REALLY stinks in there!” was priceless…   LOL

Edit: I keep forgetting to mention the latest ditties from the “Chillin like Corey Dillon” hawker… He’s come over to say hi to me a couple of times since he’s seen me at camp for years but here are a couple of  his new ones:

“Frozen Lemonade Here:  No baloney.. have you runnin like Laurence Maroney!”

“Giant Freeze Pops Here: Red or Blue, Just for you! Good in any weather just like Brandon Meriweather.”


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