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August 2010
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MrsB 8/2 AM

Bad, bad, MrsB!  Left for camp excited to be meeting up with good buddies Randy “Zip” Pierce,  soon-to-be-bride Tracy,  and of course The Mighty Quinn,  and failed to put in contacts or bring paper and pencil.  Turns out it was a no-hitting practice anyway, so I ended up shooting the breeze and catching up..  Time well spent, IMO. :-)

Anyway, here’s what I got:

* It was rookie slip-n-slide day as I assumed and tweeted early on when I saw them hosing down the back corner of the field.  Rookies dive after loose footballs in the mud and are hosed down while doing so. It’s hard to see specifics with all of the players gathered around but someone at the end shot the hose into the air and it seemed that all got a little cooling off.

*Newbie Pats on the field today were WR Rod Owens wearing #15 and TE Carson Butler #86.

*Hernandez is standing out and made some nice diving catches today, one in which he was slow getting up, and then  just missing an outstanding one in which he leapt into the air with Arrington in tight but dropped the ball  when he crashed to the ground.

*Neal and Thomas Williams were back on the field today.

*First unit defense during 7:7 Spikes, Mayo, TBC, McCourty, Bodden, Meriweather & Chung.

*Torry Holt saw a lot of action today. Caught one sliding to the ground and split Butler and Chung on coverage on another.

*Wheatley picked off Robinson. Later he threw a bomb to Rod Owens but it was broken up by Ventrone and Wheatley.

There were no 11:11 drills today nor FG scrambles on the hill.

*Running backs signed as did His Hoodie-ness Bill Belichick, and Julian Edelman who spent the most time appeasing the crowd.

Random Stuff:

* ST coach OBrien was instructing one of BB’s sons on how to long snap and was demonstrating for him.

* Mr. Kraft took in practice from the sidelines.  Brady went over to him after practice, they spoke for a bit and shook hands before 12 headed in.

* When the field was almost clear, Robinson came running out to retrieve Brady’s helmet and pads which were left on the grass.

Tonight is the season ticket holder practice inside Gillette Stadium. I was planning on attending but opted out because I have way too much to do at the homestead… (Real Life doesn’t stop just because TC is in session.. LOL!)

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