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Archive for August 5th, 2010

MrsB 8/5PM Wash-Out

Headed back to camp for the PM session but it turned out to be a whole lotta nuttin…. guys were in shorts, jerseys,  and helmets for the low key afternoon practice.   Zoltan was the first on the field as usual and at the beginning of practice the entire offense was on the main field while BB met with the entire defensive unit on the family tent side of the practice fields.  Guys did some stretching and light drills before the thunder started rumbling. There wasn’t much to see  before they all  headed into the fieldhouse due to thunderstorms. Seems like they timed it just right too, as the sky opened up just as I got to my car. We’re in dire need of rain, so this gardener is A-OK with it!

Weather permitting, I’ll be there for tomorrow’s double sessions.

MrsB 8/5 AM

Hi kids… after missing yesterday afternoon’s single shorts-n-shells practice due to transportation issues, I was back in my usual spot for this morning’s first practice of the day. Despite a sprinkly ride in, the rain held off for the muggy, full-pad morning  session.

Here are my quickies for today:

* Tate and Price drew early cheers from the crowd during drills, hauling in Brady passes in the corner endzone.

* The RB/DB blocking drill was a fave this morning with Arrington getting the best of Taylor via a spin move drawing oohs and ahs from the crowd. Edelman took some reps as DB for the drill. McCourty got by vet Faulk and earned some praise from him for his feat.

* The 2010 Trash Can drill was on tap once again this morning. Rookie Zac Robinson got to participate and actually connected. Hoyer sunk one with a swish then celebrated by running and jumping over to the sideline,hooting all the way.  Brady, unfortunately, didn’t sink any but did hit the side once.

* Zoltan was sporting two orange shoes today instead on just one.

*  During 11:11 work, Mayo connected with Welker a few times; with one huge hit in which Welker came across the middle, caught Brady’s pass , and literally smacked into the brick wall of Mayo.. The crowd gasped but 83 was no worse for the wear.  Bet it was good to get that out of the way!

* Tensions were high during 2 minute work and with 12 barking out the down and including an F-bomb.   He later was not pleased with his Oline, called them out and took awhile to cool off away from them, (hanging with 81 and 83)  while the second string had their turn on the field.

*Fred Taylor bobbled and dropped what should have been an easy one over the middle.

*  DB’s signed after practice.  A few lucky fans left with gloves as Tate ran his over to someone and Chung tossed his into the crowd.

That’s all I have time for right now.. I’ll be heading back for the afternoon session and hope that the expected T-storm holds off.

On another note:  @realpatriots announced that there will be a double session practice against the Saints on 8/10 and going against the usual closed-practice  norm on the day before a game, there is a public practice scheduled for 9:30 on 8/11.