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Archive for August 6th, 2010

MrsB 8/6 PM

Having skipped this morning’s walkthru, I just got in from this afternoon’s practice. Guys were in full pads once again and it started off a bit cloudy then got hot and sunny by the end.

Here are some quick tidbits for today:

*Wilhite, Pryor, and Levoir were back practicing today.

* Newcomer Rod Owens (15) faked Darius Butler out of his shorts during 1:1 Passing Drills by cutting and faking him out, catching the ball, wide open. Butler wasn’t happy but gave Owen his props.

* Tate caught a long bomb along the sidelines  from Hoyer during 11:11 work, diving in the process,  and getting a huge ovation from the crowd. McCourty was covering.

* Moss (covered by Meriweather),  had a big over the shoulder TD and ran directly to some fans on the grass wearing Moss jerseys to celebrate with High Fives.

* Brian Hoyer was the QB du jour…

* Levoir (64) took a lap for a false start.

* Aaron Hernandez continued to catch everything that came his way.

* Gronkowski had a nice TD grab during hurry-up, making up for an earlier drop.

*Practice ended with lots and lots of sprints for the whole squad.


* Jonathan Kraft made an appearance on the sidelines today.

* ESPN’s Adam Schefter signed a few autographs while making his way along the sidelines then proceeded to get high fives along the route to his destination in the back corner of the practice fields.

* D-LIne signed after practice.

From the “Make a Liar out of Me” file… I assumed that there would be no practice this weekend because nothing is up yet and figured that BB was giving the team the weekend off… As of now, there’s no word on it so there may be something going on after all.. (Should have listened to those nuns when they talked about what happens when you ASS/U/ME! LOL)  If there is practice, I’ll likely bow out since I have too many Real Life things going on.  Have a good weekend, All!

Friday Shedule Change

This morning’s practice has been changed to a Walkthru at 10:00.  Afternoon practice is now scheduled for 2:30-4:15 with nothing on the website for the weekend at this point. See you, this afternoon…