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August 2010
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MrsB 8/10 PM

Just in from the extra long practice that started a bit early and ended a bit late. Luckily, the parking was in the normal spots so there wasn’t a long hike to add to the already long day. As in the morning’s session, Pats were in blue and Saints were in white. They each used a field for warm ups (Pats on fan side, Saints on family side) until it was time to come together for 1:1 drills and team sessions.

Here’s the Cliff Note’s version of today’s pm session as I have a LOT to do tonight and with the 3 ring circus and all the bodies out there, it was easy to miss things:

* Before the media tent filled to overflowing capacity, Gino could be spotted in there taking in the session.

* I get a bang out of the Saints  high kicking their way across the field during their stretch period.

* During drills, when the DL were hitting the double sled, the tandem of Wilfork and Gerard Warren nearly knocked Pepper down in the process.

* During positional work, a fan next to me started yelling to Marques Murrell, who was on one knee with his helmet off “Hey 93, want a chair?”  It progressed to “want a couch?” “get up 93!” “How about a freeze pop?”  The crowd started laughing and really got into it when the kid hawking the frozen treats happened to come by yelling “Freeze Pops, Here!”  Murrell clearly heard him and started to crack a smile. Pierre Woods came by and knealt next to him but then the horn sounded for the next period.  It was  a good thing too, since security had had enough and told the man to cool it.  Murrell, ironically got carted off at the end of practice but I didn’t see a play in which he may have gotten injured.

*Green-Ellis got barked at by ST coach OBrien for screwing up during an onside kick.

* Hoyer connected with Edelman during situational work and he crashed into the sidelines and his teammates standing there.

*Brady was showing some frustration out there again today, using a few choice words and throwing his helmet down at one point during  the 7:7 period.

* Tate had a spectacular catch in the corner EZ where he turned around caught the ball over his head while running backward during the team portion.

*Wheatley picked off Brees;  Darius Butler and Brandon Spikes each batted one away.

*There was some physicality out there as Welker ended up getting squashed between two defenders (but held on the the ball for a TD) on one play and Gronkowski caught a Hoyer pass only to run into the  brick wall of Vilma.

* Gary Guyton was on the sidelines today in shorts, bright green footwear and a sleeve on his left leg.

* After practice, it seemed that quite a few full units signed once again so I’m not sure who was actually on the docket for duty.  DL, OL, and TEs all signed.  I didn’t see any Saints signing this afternoon BUT, it started to rain just as practice ended so I didn’t stick around to see if any came over.

I’m definitely not attending in the morning as I have an appointment and thought for sure I would be safe scheduling it for  the day before a game. However, the Pats pulled a fast one on me and are holding  an open practice on the day before a game for the first time in all the years that I’ve been a fixture at camp.  Have fun, kids!

Edit:  I added some pics to my Flickr from today’s morning practice.

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