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Archive for August 15th, 2010

MrsB 8/15

Just in from my final practice of the 2010 season. The weather took a turn and it was overcast, breezy and even a bit chilly (at least for me, but I like it HHH!)  Guys were in full pads and when I arrived at 2:00 the Offense, with the exception of the OLine, was already on the field working. The rest of the crew came out in time for the 2:30 practice.

Here are the tidbits for today:

*As reported earlier today, Torry Holt was placed on IR and Ross Ventrone was released, while we picked up Buddy Farnham, after releasing him last week,  and also signed OL Brian Simmons. Burgess made his first camp appearance.

* During 1:1 tackling drills with LB vs. TE, Burgess schooled Hernandez, knocking him down to one knee.

* First laps went to Ryan Wendel (69)  Zac Robinson (7) . Later, during full squad work, Matt Light false started, went to the huddle attempting to fly under the radar, but  was “encouraged” by Scar’s  loud verbal instruction  and hand motions to take his lap.

* During 7:7  work, Wheatley (EDIT:  I initially wrote Wilhite but had roster numbers wrong)  made a nice defensive play, staying step for step with Darnell Jenkins breaking up a deep pass from Hoyer (?).

* BB was giving Marques Murell some hands on, 1:1  demonstration  and instruction in jamming up a RB at the line and going back into coverage.

*Kick returners were Wheately, Price, Tate, Farnham (Big Al’s longshot), and Edelman.

* Catch of the day goes to long bomb from Brady to Welker who caught the catch downfield untouched. Moss took the opportunity to taunt the sideline D for the blown coverage.

* Spikes made a couple of back to back plays during situational work flattening the RBs.  Wilfork was loving in, playfully flexing to the Offense for D’s big stops.

* Hoyer continues to come up big in the trash can drill, swishing two and hitting also hitting the barrel as well. Brady hit it a couple of times but couldn’t sink the ball. Knowing how competitive he is, this must be killing him… LOL!  Caserio and a couple of other guys seemed to get a kick out of it and couldn’t help but laugh when Hoyer sank second one of the day.

* Butler had a nice pick of a Hoyer pass intended for Edelman.

* Despite his size, Big Vince was first to hustle over for situational work,  practically sprinting over from the other field when he thought it was his turn to go in. When Pepper told him it wasn’t his turn, it was comical seeing him do an “Aw Shucks” motion  yelling G-D Damn!

* During two-minute offense, Brady and Co. moved the ball down but settled for a field goal. When Hoyer took the reins, he hit Gronkowski with a nice pass  in the middle followed by an incomplete attempt then hit Taylor Price for a TD the in corner EZ in while he was in double coverage to end the drive.

* TBC didn’t finish practice but was working on the sidelines with trainers.

* Gostkowski hit several field goals to wrap up practice  and give the crowd their daily  exercise.

*DLine signed today and a huge cheer erupted just as I was leaving when Welker went over to sign as well.

That’s a wrap on Training Camp 2010 for me! (There is a walkthrough in the morning but I’m not going.)  Special thanks to Mike for keeping me company every day and to Big Al for his photography and observations when he makes the trek as well. Time to switch gears into Back to School Mode and of course… On to the regular season!  Go Pats!!

Final Public Practices

The Patriots have announced the final two public practices for the 2010 training camp session before heading down to Atlanta for joint practices and preseason game #2 against the Falcons.

Sunday, August 15

  • Practice from 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Monday, August 16

  • Practice from 10:00am – 11:30am  (walkthrough)