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Mrs B’s TC report August 14th

Surprise!¬† Thanks to a productive morning in my classroom (and a son who wanted to make a trip to Bass Pro Shop) I ended up making it to camp this afternoon after all. The rain followed me all the way up Rt. 1 and it sprinkled for about 1/2 hour at the beginning at camp but it didn’t hinder practice at all.

Here are the highlights from this off duty, TC Reporter. ūüėČ

  • Guys were in full pads with QBs in white again. Seymour was back but Adalius Thomas wasn’t so perhaps I was wrong about him having a vet day off yesterday.
  • The first outburst from the crowd came when Brady went long to Maroney who flew down the field blowing by Alexander during drills.
  • The practice was mostly ground game stuff early on and was slow paced through 7 on 7’s.
  • Gutierrez was back (but I’m sure at one point he wished he wasn’t.) He ended up throwing back to back picks. The first was by Eric Alexander who grabbed one intended for Pollard. The next was snagged by Wheatley which was on it’s way to Jackson.
  • Speaking of Jackson, he even made some catches today!
  • Stupar got some work in long snapping for punter Chris Hanson.¬† Welker and Faulk switched off receiving.
  • New OLine dude Stephen Sene is wearing 64 (and took his first lap right past Bob Kraft who was watching practice from the sidelines.)
  • Sammy Morris fumbled in the red zone and Vince Redd picked it up.
  • During 11 on 11, the beginning was slow going with lots of running plays then heated up during 2 minute drills. Brady’s drive ended with a jack-in-the-box style leap by Randy Moss over Ellis Hobbs’s head in the EZ. Cassel’s drive ended in a FG.
  • Ty Warren had back to back neutral zone infractions and earned 2 laps from a clearly pissed off BB.
  • Welker had a nice diving grab (from 12)¬† causing the crowd to erupt.
  • Gostkowski hit all field goals again today and guys ended practice with quite a few sprints.
  • I missed who signed because my contact tore at the beginning of practice and I had already put my binoculars away while I was walking out so I couldn’t make out who they were.

Tomorrow’s practice is¬† from 12:00-2:00 and I’m going to try to make it although I can’t make any promises.¬† It just happens to fall between two of my appointments and I REALLY would love to see our new safety, John Lynch,¬† in action. :-)

MrsB’s TC Report August 13th

Home from camp (and a delicious Red Robin take-out dinner.) It was an absolutely gorgeous day today and it will likely be my last session of this season. (I REALLY have to get in my classroom and my calendar is full of appointments on Friday so time is running out.)

Today was another day of situational stuff and was slower paced than yesterday.

  • Guys were in full pads once again and the QBs were in white again today.
  • Seymour and Adalius Thomas weren’t on the field (in addition to the usual crew) so they may have been on a vet day off. Mike Wright and Antwain Spann were back. The rest of the absentees remained the same.
  • Period 3 music today included the Olympic theme, which featured Eric Alexander sprinting ahead of the pack and Ellis Hobbs skipping and back pedaling to the music.
  • Brian Lowe¬† (Patriots Today) had quite the fan club on the hill and signed more than one autograph for kids calling his name.
  • Bubba Ventrone had an active day earning props from Seely at the beginning of practice and hauling in a few nice passes as the day went on. His diving catch in double coverage, (Mayo, Meriweather) was the catch of the day IMO.
  • First string OLine was the same as yesterday: Britt, Mankins, Koppen, Yates, Kaczur.
  • Welker had a nice one handed grab during drills causing the crowd to erupt.
  • Handling Kick Return work were Jones (2 for 3 with one drop), Jackson, Slater, and¬† Hobbs.
  • In an unusual site, Mike Vrabel took a penalty lap during defensive work on the left field.
  • Later, Pollard, Moss & Britt each took one during 11 on 11 work.
  • Newbie Jeff Shoate (23) nearly picked one intended for Watson and Antwan Spann seemed to get beaned off the back of the helmet deflecting the ball while defending a pass intended for Welker.
  • Practice ended with Gost going 6 for 6 field goals on the hill then the team ran sprints.
  • During the huddle, cheers errupted and high fives were all around. Wilfork earned the team a night off with his feat of catching a football while holding two others. (This “night off” ritual was what I formally dubbed the Matt Light Memorial as in the past he would be the one to earn the team some respite by fielding a punt.)
  • Linebackers signed today.

There is another session tomorrow at 2:30 and I heard that they added one more on Friday. Please check for details.

It’s been a great camp and in retrospect really did fly by.¬† I’m really excited for the upcoming season and was glad to get a look at what appears to be a promising rookie class. ¬† I hope you enjoyed the little bit that I could add to the numerous online reports each day.

Go Pats!


MrsB’s TC Report August 12th

Home from practice but have to be super speedy as I’ve actually “turned the corner”¬† and don’t really have time for camp as I’m busy getting things done in my house and for the start of school. (Where did the summer go?!)

Here are the quick hits for today.

  • Guys were in full pads and the QB’s were in white instead of red today. Gutierrez was not there again today. Also out were the usual PUPs, Harrison, Light, Eckle, Wilhite, Sanders, Richardson, Aiken, O’Callahan, Spach, Wright, Smith, Hochstein &¬† Jordan,
  • With the Patriots Experience closed and showers in the afternoon, practice attendance was very light.
  • There was a lot of fast paced situational work done today with BB calling out different scenarios “3rd and 4 on the 20” etc… All in all, it was a good day for the offense with Brady hitting Welker, Moss, Watson for TDs.
  • Bruschi and Evans faced off once again on 1:1 pass protection with 54 winning today’s battle.
  • Unfortunately, one of the biggest “Awwwws” from the crowd came when Chad Jackson missed a Brady catch in the corner EZ. Hobbs had good coverage but it was do-able.
  • Wheatley had some nice coverage on 1:1 passing drills.
  • OLine with the first team were Britt, Mankins, Koppen, Yates, Kaczur
  • The entire D took a lap for the first time today. (Of course, unknowing fans cheered them as they ran by the bleachers.) Santonio Thomas also took an individual as did Barry Stokes.
  • During situational stuff, fans got a chuckle after Moss made a great catch on the sidelines, and BB ruled no catch, then said “We reviewed it, and Randy’s in.” That set up a nice touchdown by Watson at the post covered by Mayo.
  • Gost hit 6 of 6 field goals at the end of practice and guys ran sprints. They huddled up for a long time with some applause going on back there. Practice ran over by 15 minutes.
  • Randy Moss went right over to sign much to the delight of the crowd. OLine signed as a unit. Ivan Fears and Vrable signed as well.
  • Tedy worked with Mayo after practice for about 15 minutes in the back corner with the tackling dummies. Gary Guyton was also there taking in the lesson.

Tomorrow’s practice is from 2:30-4:30. I’m going to try to make it but I can’t make any promises as my To Do list is unbelievably huge right now and time is running out!

MrsB’s TC Report 08/05/08

Home from the final public camp practice of the week and need to get this one out quickly as I’ve got to head out to help the inlaws with something.

  • Guys were in full pads once again, although lots of the plays were run at half speed with no hitting.
  • Vrabel was back on the field having missed most of camp due to being on PUP.
  • Brady, Moss, Washington, Sanders, Webster, Richardson, Harrison, Eckle, and the PUPs were not on the field today. Hmmm… wondering what’s up with Rodney… ¬† :(
  • Bruschi and Mayo were like glue on the sidelines all day.
  • Punter Chris Hanson was the recipient of “Go #6!” chants from a group of camp kids at the beginning of practice as he was warming up right near them. Perhaps it was his good luck charm as he did a lot of punting today and dropped two nice and close to the goal line at the end of practice.
  • Slater, Spann, Jordan, Jones returned kicks.
  • A couple of near picks for DBs today as Wheatley got his fingertips on one above his head intended for Gaffney in corner of the¬† EZ.¬† Fernando Bryant tipped one intended for Dunlap in the other EZ and Antwan Spann intercepted a Gutierrez ball in traffic. After the pick Spann and Meriweather were impersonating fencers in¬† “En garde!” motions in good fun.
  • In what would have been the “ahhhh!” moment of the day, Welker and Slater both went up for a long Cassell bomb with neither one coming up with it.
  • Ventrone had a nice grab on offense and also donned a blue pinney to help out in the backfield on D.
  • Things were slow going as they spent lots of time running through plays for Thursday’s game and practicing situational football. Glad there are a few days off as this old bod is starting to protest sitting idly on the hill and my back is starting to act up.
  • Towards the end of practice, they kicked field goals into the wind at the opposite endzone.
  • Wide Receivers signed today.
  • In one of the athletic feats of the day, Kristina Akra of Patriots Today successfully made her way down a slippery grass slope to the field in her high shoes. :-)¬† (Told you it was a slow news day!)

Reminder:  No public camp until Monday, August 11th at 8:45AM.

Go Pats!!

Mrs B’s TC Report August 4th AM

Just in from this morning’s session with Big Al. It was a beautiful, breezy day on the hill and was one of the least crowded days thus far. The VIP section was jammed with people on a Reebok promotion but the hill and stands were practically empty.

  • Guys were once again in full pads but big name vets Brady, Bruschi, Harrison, Welker, Seymour, Moss, etc were not on the field today.
  • When I got there, they were watering down the back corner “Slip-n-Slide” area and rookies practiced recovering footballs in pool of muddy water.
  • In Brady’s absence, Cassell was with the first team today and Gutierrez and O’Connell subbed in.
  • O’Connell and Ryan Wendell fumbled a snap (recovered by BenJarvus Green-Ellis) and took a lap, however the QB did a 1/2 loop while the C took in the perimeter of both fields.
  • Belichick’s fashion statement for this year is cut-off grey sweats rolled just above the knee (with an inside out grey sweatshirt when it’s really hot!) He was sporting the one-up-one-down look for a good portion of practice (Can you tell I’m getting silly coming up on the 16th session?.. hehe!)
  • Bubba Ventrone had a very active day and came up with some good catches once again. In a related note, it’s ironic that the former Safety is now playing offense as a WR and WR Slater is now being used primarily as a DB when not doing KR duties. BB at his best..
  • Hit of the day was big man Vince Redd on Heath Evans during tackling drills.
  • DBs had the better day today during drills with Tank Williams, Jonathan Wilhite, and Fernando Bryant breaking up passes in the corner endzones.
  • There was a lot of¬† heavy hitting goal line work and running of specific plays today. Cassell hit Sam Aiken at the post in traffic for a TD, Maroney was stopped, Jordan was stopped on one but later got past Crable, Pollard and BJG-E scored as well.
  • Special Teamers signed today and Maroney and BB went over to the Reebok crowd and were in the center of the big group while cameras were rolling. They stayed and signed for them for quite awhile.

Tonight’s STH practice inside Gillette is at 6:30 and I’ll likely be attending alone. As usual, I’m officially “off duty” for that one since there are lots and lots of eyes reporting from camp and I just like to relax for at least one practice.

They’ve finally released the schedule for tomorrow 8/5, and it’s a single 2:30-4:30 session. With the game on Thursday, that will likely be it until the weekend as the day before is usually a closed session and guys get the day off after the game.

New pictures will be uploaded this afternoon after I do the Cinderella thing around here.

Mrs B’s TC Report August 3rd

Back from this afternoon’s 2:30 practice (and trip to Bass Pro Shop with the boys).¬† It was jam packed today which I totally expected. In fact, it was the most crowded day of camp thus far this season.¬† Of course, there were some calls of “Happy Birthday, Brady”¬† and some singing going on throughout practice in honor of #12’s special day but it seems as though the Brady Ladies have calmed down over the years as there’s not nearly as many shrieks from love struck teens in the stands.

  • Guys were in full pads and there were some new faces on the field due to movement from the PUP list. Welker, Hobbs, Redd, Ruud, Wendell saw their first public practices. Clement went to IR and Barry Stokes was on the field wearing 75 white.
  • No sign of Rodney Harrison today (who may be taking a vet rest day) and still no Matt Light. I also didn’t see Kyle Eckel or James Sanders.¬† David Thomas is back after missing a few practices.
  • Matthew Slater (who has been doing lots of work on Kick Returns) was wearing a blue defensive jersey today. He drew some loud “ahhhhs” from the crowd blowing by Meriweather on a return early in practice.
  • Middle linebackers faced off against Running Backs in the one on one passing drill (with Brady as QB) in the closest field to the stands. Overall, offense had the upper hand.
  • Ty Warren took a lap for jumping.
  • Adalius Thomas picked Cassell off a tipped ball from Heath Evans. He then lateraled to Spann who took downfield.
  • Meriweather made a great diving play in the corner endzone but I couldn’t see the intended receiver.
  • Vince Redd #47 is 6’6″ and looks more like a DL than a LB.
  • Ray Ventrone had a couple of catches in a row his new role as a WR.¬† In the first, he made the catch and dragged his feet at the sideline to keep it inbounds. In the second, the coverage was definitely blown though as he was all alone on the sideline and took off with it.
  • Terrence Wheately picked off an underthrown Cassell pass intended for Randy Moss.¬† But in the red zone work, Brady hit Moss for a TD at the post.
  • Mike Richardson picked one off intended for Kelley Washington. It was a thing of beauty!
  • During situational work, they started with 45 seconds on the clock and tried to get within fieldgoal range. Unfortunately, the clock ran out before Brady and Co. could come through. They moved it all the way down field but failed to spike it in time.
  • TE’s Watson and Thomas looked good while Chad Jackson had a very quiet night.
  • Mayo got into a mini scuffle but I couldn’t see who he was getting into it with as the other guys surrounded the pair. It was more a reflection of flaring tempers and it didn’t escalate past that.
  • They practiced some desperation drills with lateraling and situational special teams stuff. They practiced getting FG unit on the field in time, etc.
  • During FG’s #3 missed two, one which was way off.
  • At the end of practice, BB had they entire squad line up in two rows to run 10 yard wind sprints from a 3 point stance. He reminded them to just listen for¬† the whistle and a couple of times, guys started when he yelled “GO!” Everyone had to go back and repeat that rep. He also “reminded” some¬† that they weren’t low enough and yelled at them to get down.
  • Linebackers signed after practice as did the Birthday Boy and daily signer,¬† Maroney.

Tomorrow morning’s session is 8:45-10:30 in the practice fields then there’s a Season Ticket Holder/Foxboro resident practice inside Gillette Stadium from 6:30-8:30.

Big Al and Jake came with me tonight so there may be pictures posted later. :-)

Mrs B’s Walkthrough Thursday 07/31/08

This evening’s one hour practice was just a walkthrough as I assumed it would be. I forgot to mention that the OL signed this¬† morning (for those of you keeping track) and tonight the DL signed. There weren’t many fans there at all so just about anyone who wanted an autograph tonight probably got it. Mike Vrabel signed for a long time too..

I’m off until Sunday, although I will be at Gillette on Saturday for the Springsteen concert, so I’ll see you back here then. As for now, I’ve got lots of email, regular mail and housework to catch up on so I’m changing back to my “Mom Hat” and digging in.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Schedule Reminder:

The Patriots have released their training camp schedule through Monday:
No Practice
2:30-4:30 p.m. — Practice (CLOSED TO PUBLIC DUE TO CONCERT)
2:30-4:30 p.m. — Practice (OPEN TO PUBLIC)
8:45-10:30 a.m. — Morning Practice (OPEN TO PUBLIC)
6:30-8:30 p.m. — In-Stadium Practice (TICKETED EVENT FOR SEASON TICKET HOLDERS)

MrsB’s (late) 7/31 AM TC Report

Hi Kids,

Sorry it’s late but I just got back from lunch with my boys and it’s almost time for me to head back out. Unfortunately I have a bunch of numbers scribbled on a piece of paper and barely remember what they were for…hehe.¬† This morning’s muggy session was in full pads and there’s another one later this afternoon from 4:00-5:15.

  • Today was the Rookie Slip & Slide day in which the newbies were soaked with a hose while sliding along the wet grass chasing footballs. Tedy manned the hose and the other vets manned the balls.¬† I didn’t catch any creative hair cuts today though, which usually coincide with the mud bath day.
  • Brady was back after his rest day yesterday, racing his coach (trainer? ball boy?) over to midfield after the stretch period.
  • It was a split day during blitz pick-up drills pitting LBs vs. FB/RBs with offense and defense sharing the battle victories.
  • They were doing some heaving hitting on the goal line today.
  • Single lap takers for today were Gutierrez and Titus Adams (who?) then Brady and Hochstein took one together for a botched snap.
  • During full squad work, Cassell went deep to CJ Jones and Bryant broke it up nicely along the sidelines.
  • During Red Zone work Maroney saw lots of action and Moss nearly ended up¬† hitting the goal post as he flew into the endzone flanked by defenders. Morris scored a¬† TD right after as well.
  • Mayo was working the middle again today with Alexander and Hobson. Tedy and Tank worked together.
  • Slater had some nice returns today during practice and each day after practice, Sealy works with Slater on catching kicks. He usually starts with a ball in one hand, catches the kicked ball in the other hand, then tosses one in the air to catch that one too. It’s a mixed bag in terms of his consistency but he does keep practicing every day.
  • Overall, it struck me as a fast paced, heavy hitting practice during full squad work. Sorry I don’t remember many details as quite a few hours have passed and I’m getting the sessions confused in my mind.

I expect a walkthrough later tonight (just a guess) due to the shortened time frame of the session and also because players are off tomorrow.

The Pats have released additional practice dates (thankfully!)

Closed Friday and Saturday (but I’ll be at Springsteen)

Sunday:  8/3 2:30-4:30

Monday  8/4 9:00-10:30 & In-stadium Season Ticket Holders practice 6:30-8:30

MrsB’s TC Report July 30th

Home extremely late from the practice so I’ll try to get this out as soon as I can. (Sorry kids, but family comes first!)¬† Today was a busy day with lots of things to do before and after camp. I hit up the new Red Robin restaurant before camp with Jake and Mike. It was a good choice.¬† Today was a hot one and moreso for me because I was sporting an Andre Tippet jersey in honor of our Hall of Famer so it was quite sweaty up there on the hill.

Here are the bullet points for today.

  • Guys were in full pads once again but Brady wasn’t dressed. I think I saw him at towards the end of practice in sweats on the sidelines with Cassel but I didn’t have binoculars so I’m not sure if it was him or not. Regardless, he was most likely on a Vet rest day anyway so nothing to worry about.
  • There was a huge group of camp kids (and Moss fans) sitting in front of us who served as his personal cheering squad. He came by and signed some autographs before getting to work. A couple of Patriots Alumni members came and talked to the kids about getting a good education, fielded their questions and signed some autographs as well.
  • While the guys were stretching out, I recorded a short video clip at the PFW tent for the Hall at Patriot Place fan section.
  • Still no sign of Light, Thomas, etc. or the usual PUPs.
  • Zebras were still in the house and there were lots of flags being thrown and whistles blaring including one in which Seymour jumped.
  • Moss caught one at the post in double coverage, then he bobbled but maintained. BB even questioned¬† the officials whether it was a TD or not and it was ruled good.
  • Watson had a nice TD at the post in double coverage then tossed the ball into the crowd. Naturally, they returned it to the ball boys.
  • Richardson picked off Gutierrez.
  • Crable and McMahon took laps.
  • Jerod Mayo is (cue Chico and the man voice)¬† loooking goooood!
  • Fernando Bryant went down after colliding with Brandon Meriweather who intercepted Gutierrez. He remained in the middle of the field being checked out by the trainers, then moved to the sidelines for a bit before testing out the legs in the other field and returning to action.
  • During one-on-one work, RBs had the upperhand over the LBs once again in the close endzone. WR and DBs worked in the far EZ
  • Gary Guyton took lot of reps at outside linebacker this afternoon.
  • Matt Slater spent time at safety.
  • Catch of the Day was a one handed, overhead,¬† fingertip grab by Moss.
  • They spent quite¬† a bit of time working on punts and during FG’s there was one miss.
  • After practice, they had a tribute to Andre Tippet, (which I’ll be posting in the podcast feed ASAP) and the whole team was in attendance. Lucky break for autograph seekers as most of the guys stayed for autographs.
  • I’m sure there’s more but it’s almost 8:00 and my dogs are letting me know that they need attention. :-)

Tomorrow is a weird double schedule with a normal 8:45-10:30 AM session but rather than an evening, it’s an afternoon 4:00-5:15. I REALLY wish they would post more dates so I can schedule all of those appointments that I need to make this next week!

MrsB’s July 29th PM Report

2008 TC picture with Tedy Bruschi I didn’t get home until after 9:00 from tonight’s practice because I had to pick my son up.¬† My house is a pit, I’ve yet to eat, and I have a headache so I need to make this one quick.¬† It was a gorgeous, comfortable summer night on the hill and the boys were back in full pads for a spirited practice after this morning’s walk through.

  • Biggest news: Rodney Harrison was back, fully suited up and jumping right in to practice.
  • Still no Matt Light, the rest of the PUPs, Clement, Redd, Sanders, Seymour or David Thomas, who left injured yesterday.
  • Zebras were on the field and a few flags were thrown out there.
  • Randy Moss continues to be in a league all his own. It must be discouraging to be a rookie corner going against him, as Wheatley knows! However, 22 did rob Moss of a TD in the EZ by knocking it away. He later celebrated with a chest bump with Meriweather and Wilhite.
  • One on one passing drills pitted RBs and TEs vs LBs in one field and DBs vs WR in the other and I was like a swivel head trying to catch action in both fields reacting to the “ahhhs” of the crowd.¬† I hate to admit it but Tedy was a few steps behind more than once tonight :-(¬† Watson looked good on the drill and of course, Moss was being Moss in the other field.
  • Chad Jackson dove and hauled in a nice Brady pass and looked better tonight than some of his other outings.
  • Sam Aiken looked sharp to me tonight and scored a TD from a Brady pass.
  • Bryant and Spann had picks with the latter being a tipped by Mayo.
  • First unit’s two minute drill stalled when Watson dropped a TD ball at the post when he hit the ground and when Wheatley defended successfully against Moss in the corner of the EZ.
  • Cassel to Moss over Wheatley later completed a two minute drill with a TD.
  • Running backs signed tonight with Maroney drawing the huge cheers second only to Moss who signed although it wasn’t his turn. (Brady hasn’t been signing daily this year as in the past.)

Tomorrow is a single afternoon session @ 2:30. Sorry there’s not much detail here but I’m beat and there’s still lots for me to do before I can sleep.¬† There are some more pictures up on my Flickr account, although I’ve yet to label and tag them.