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MrsB’s Tuesday Morning Walk Through 07/29/08

Headed out with Big Al and Jake for the first of two sessions today and arrived a bit late but missed nothing.  The guys were dressed in just shorts and t-shirts for a walk through session that even the PUPpies could participate in. It wasn’t that crowded today and I’m sure fans who stayed home were thankful. Although, those that were there must have made out well with autographs if that was their bag.

  • I spotted PUPpies Harrison, Vrabel and Welker out there (who was stretching out with a trainer). Matt Light was not there and was likely getting treatment with the trainers inside.
  • Zebras were in the house.
  • When doing routes, the spread offense was Moss, Gaffney, Jackson and Watson.
  • WR, safeties and cornerbacks stayed on the field continuing to run through plays after most other positions had already left the field. They ended up signing.
  • Tedy B  was a media maven today doing a sit-down with Felger (probably for tonight’s show), a one on one with Massorati then was at the center of the huge group of cameras and microphones.
  • Tedy spotted Big Al when he waved to him so he came over and I got my annual hug and photo with Tedy. We chatted for a minute and I  wished him well for the upcoming season.
  • On the way out, we spotted the Bruschi Boys in line to emulate Dad’s moves at the Experience. :-)
  • I’m watching the video of the rule changes right now during Belichick’s press conference live stream. I’m sure that it will be archived for later viewing on

I’ll be heading back out to tonight’s session later tonight and plan on taking advantage of the long break to get some things down around the house.

MrsB’s Training Camp Report July 28th

Just in from the single afternoon 2:30-4:30 session and need to make this quick as I have something to do ASAP.¬† I’m just going to give some bullet points of what I remember. (Deferring to the paid guys tonight, folks ūüėČ

  • It was yet another full pad practice and there was no shortage of hitting today. Quite a bit of red zone work,¬† spirited two minute drills and¬† 7-7’s.
  • Brady took most of the reps today but it wasn’t the best day for the offense and players were showing their frustration.
  • Sam Aiken had a decent day as did Mayo, specifically in the pass protection drill.
  • I’m keeping my eye on Wheatley as he catches it most days.
  • Seymour was on the field but Bruschi and Moss were not (My guess is veteran day off.) (There may have been more missing but these were the ones that I noticed.) Light was absent again as well.
  • David Thomas left the field with a trainer and didn’t return.
  • Fifita took a lap.
  • Fernando Bryant deflected a Brady pass.
  • Meriweather had a near INT in the EZ while he and Wheatley were double covering CJ Jones.¬† A loud “awwww” erupted from the crowd.
  • Pierre Woods picked off Cassel.
  • It was pretty packed today, both with fans and media.
  • Running Backs signed today and for the second time this week, BB did too. The crowd went wild again and broke into the chant.

Time for me to leave so that’s got to be it. Tomorrow is a double (so does that mean it’s sure to rain?!) Watch for a mini podcast later tonight.

Go Pats!

Don’t Mess With My Pats!

On the first day of Training Camp, Tom Curran asked me to help him out with something. Here’s the result: :-)

MrsB’s 07/27/08 (ghost written) Report ;-)

Here’s a guest post by my friend Mike, who took in the Sunday evening session.¬† Thanks Mike!

Due to inclement weather, otherwise known as torrential downpours practice was held inside the field house. Mrs. B was smart staying home, because I got drenched walking from the stadium to the field house. Due to the fact that the field is only 70 yards long inside the field house, it is hard to tell whether the team is doing red-zone drills, or just regular drills.

Attendance:      New Offensive Lineman Pete McMahon will be wearing 64.
Those not in attendance: Richard Seymour, Matt Light, Jason Webster, Vince Redd, Marcus Pollard

* Jordan in his 3rd practice continues to impress
* Three players took a lap tonight: Logan Mankins, Steve Fifita, Jimmy Martin
* Randy Moss joked around standing in the middle of the endzone and yelling right before a receiver was supposed to catch the ball. He also tried to deflect a pass, which didn’t phase the receiver.
* The running backs are doing a drill where one of them is the running back trying to hold on to the ball, the other is trying to cause a fumble.
* TE coach Pete Manguarian worked 1 on 1 with Ben Watson.
* Brady was firing bullets tonight having not thrown this morning
* Belichick ran right into the middle of the line of scrimmage, squirted water either at the lineman or on the ball, and then ran out (talk about situational football)
* Linebacker Gary Guyton got praise from Belichick for picking up on something the other linebackers in the play didn’t
* All four quarterbacks looked impressive with tight spirals on most of their passes
* Chad Jackson looked like he had a better handle on adjustments as compared to last year when Brady, Belichick, or McDaniels used to scream at him
* Bob and Myra Kraft took in practice, with Bob spending some time talking to Ernie Adams
* Once again our first defense included: Vince Wilfork, Ty Warren, Le Kevin Smith, Adalius Thomas, Tedy Bruschi, Tank Williams at Linebacker, Pierre Woods, Fernando Bryant, Lewis Sanders, James Sanders, Brandon Meriweather
* Offense we had of course Tom Brady, Laurence Maroney, Ryan O’Callaghan, Russ Hochstein, Dan Koppen, Logan Mankins, Wesley Britt, Randy Moss, Jabar Gaffney, Chad Jackson
* Running Backs, Tight Ends, and Quarterbacks signed tonight, and with only VIPs in attendance they seemed to luck out
* Perhaps in response to having most of the practices in pads, Belichick gave the team the night off.

Sunday evening session closed due to rain

So, I came home from the Christening and got into my Pats gear (although it was raining here for a couple of hours) to  set out to camp then called and they finally officially canceled it due to rain. See you tomorrow for the single afternoon session.

Go Pats!

MrsB’s Training Camp Report 07/27/08 AM

Just in from this morning’s session and I’m throwing out things from memory really quickly because I’ve got to get ready for the Christening this afternoon.¬† I left the house late this morning because it was raining here for hours and I kept calling the hotline (1-508-549-0001) to check to see if it was canceled or not. Obviously it was on and I so I headed out with Jake. It turned out to be a hazy but nice morning for camp.

Here are the quick tidbits for today:

  • It was the 5th straight “practice” in full pads. Last night was just a (closed to the public) walk-through session so it doesn’t really count in my mind. Even the PUP guys were allowed to attend.
  • Kaczur is off PUP and as you know, Mruczkowski retired yesterday.
  • Brady took it easy today again, deferring to his understudies.
  • I didn’t spot Seymour out there (but admittedly didn’t specifically look for him; just realized now that I didn’t see him) so I’m not sure if he was out there or not.
  • Lamont Jordan suited up and is wearing #32. He got lot of carries today when working on the running game and looks to be a powerhouse. In a rare move, Brady fumbled a snap.
  • Bruschi batted away a Cassel pass in tight coverage but I missed the intended receiver. (That’s what happens when I camp with friends and chat. ūüėČ Richardson also batted one away.
  • Gary Guyton had the sole pick of the day (and a good one at that) with a one handed, over the head pluck of a Guitierrez pass at the line of scrimmage that he likey would have taken to the house.
  • Chad Jackson had a better day than Friday¬† (although nothing outstanding) and once again was the primary kick returner.
  • Gutierrez and Connolly took a lap together.
  • Kelley Washington did his best to get the crowd to make noise during the special teams portion, signalling for noise by raising his hand above his head to the crowd.
  • Jonathan Stupar missed a short Cassel pass and when it went right through his arms, the crowd reacted loudly.
  • Mayo and Hobson worked together on the inside with the second team again today.
  • Gaffney got a big crowd reaction with a corner TD catch in double coverage by Wheatley and Meriweather. On the next play, Moss caught one at the post and the crowd made noise once again.
  • Gostkowski was at 100% with field goals at the end of practice. The first one took the newbies on the hill by surprise but then the tradition of catching the balls and tossing them back was in full swing. Tedy was having fun encouraging the kids to make the catches and could be heard at one point laughing and yelling¬† “Anyone over 40, is not allowed to catch them.” Clearly, he got a kick out of watching the kids.
  • For the Jake Exclusive of the day: From where he was sitting, he saw Crable dog it on the last play of one of the drills and Sealy went off, mocking him and imitating his lame effort. He yelled “Try to act like it’s your job. BECAUSE IT IS!!”
  • In the absence of Vrable, Tedy hangs with Adalius and Tank on the sidelines.
  • Linebackers signed today as did Brady. Tedy was the first over there and got his usual ovation followed by the cries of “Brady!”¬† when he made his way there. However, the crowd went WILD asa smiling¬† His Hoodie-ness approached the sidelines to sign. The crowd began chanting Bel-i-chick, Bel-i-chick… which is what I heard as I was making my way to the car to get home on time.

There’s another session tonight which I’m going to try to make but I can’t guarantee since I have that party to attend. Will we see shorts and shoulder pads tonight, or will the full pad streak continue on?

Jake took some great pictures which will be posted later on my Flickr account and look for a podcast later tonight.

MrsB’s Training Camp Report 07/25/08

Hi Kids,

I just got in, took care of the dogs and grabbed a much needed bite to eat (Note to self: remember to eat lunch next time and bring some snacks) so it’s a little late in coming but here goes:

I’m kicking off the season with my usual disclaimer:

I’m just a fan like everyone else and¬† I’m not an expert by any means.¬† There’s plenty that I don’t know and I continue to leJoephoto and MrsB at camp.arn something new every day.¬† I just happen to live close enough to camp and don’t work during the summer so I’m fortunate to be able to attend every session. Admittedly, my reports will be Bruschi biased. (Hey.. I’m a Bruschi Backer and old habits are hard to break!) I don’t have wireless access at camp nor do I¬† have access to players, press releases or press conferences so I can only report what I happen to observe. There are lots of things going on at once so I may not even catch “the play of the day” while looking at something else or may even get things wrong. Also, by the time I drive home and make my posts, it’s possible that I may not even have anything unique to add. With that being said, I’m happy to share my observations and thoughts with you for what they’re worth.

And now…. Let Mrs. B’s Annual Training Camp Reports begin!

I headed out early for the afternoon session and the weather was perfect: 75, sunny, no humidity (except on the grass where the soggy field soon made it feel like a steam bath.)  Guys were in full pads for the 3rd practice in a row. I grabbed my usual spot on the hill near the media tent and said hello to many of the folks that have seen me year after year. I felt choked up when I first sat down though, feeling the absence of Dan Pires. He will certainly be missed.

Here are my take home points for today:

  • Ben Jarvus-Green Ellis (I still chuckle at the coincidence of his name) was off PUP and on the field but the remaining 11 are status quo. Seymour didn’t practice. I was hoping to catch him and¬† check out the svelt bod that they were raving about yesterday. I did remark to Mike (from Sharon)¬† that I found it surprising that he wasn’t one of the off season workout winners since he got himself into such great shape.
  • Adalius Thomas led the charge during the initial run during the stretching period.¬† (Meanwhile I was catching up with fellow Planeteers and helped Tom Curran out with a piece that he filmed for that will be ready early next week.)
  • There was a lot of special teams work today and Chad Jackson (17), Matthew Slater (18), CJ Jones (19) and Terrance Wheatley (22),¬† saw lots of the return work action. Wheatley stood out to me.
  • The much anticipated pass protection, blitz pick-up drill reunited famed opponents Tedy Bruschi and Heath Evans,¬† perking up the crowd. Bru schooled Heath at one point with a twirling move but when he faced off against Sammy Morris, they connected and he practically leap frogged over the RB.¬† There was some helmet slapping and laughing going on and when the entire drill was done, Morris pretended to leap frog¬† over him. :-)¬† Over all, the LBs were much stronger in the drill with Mayo making a strong showing and Kevin Faulk not looking quite himself.
  • Tank Williams worked inside with Bruschi with the first team.¬† Mayo and Hobson worked at the inside position with the second team. Lots of scrimmage work focused on the run game.
  • During the passing portion, Gaffney was Brady’s favorite receiver while Moss missed a long bomb much to the crowd’s disappointment.
  • Practice ended with field goals in the opposite endzone, including one fake, and it looked like all but one were good from where I was located. I can’t be sure however,¬† and it’s times like this that “Zebra Days” come in handy.
  • To close practice, the vets ran sprints on the left field while the rookies continued to run through plays on the main field.
  • The big boys in blue, the DLine,¬† signed autographs today as did Randy Moss. Brady ran off towards the media while Tedy ran off to play with his boys. :-)

There’s no open practice tomorrow and it looks like I’ll only¬† be able to attend Sunday MORNING due to a family commitment in the afternoon. (I may not even have time to get the AM report out before I have to go so just bear with me, please.)

Tonight’s podcast will be up…. later. I guarantee that there will be something I remember after I press publish but this will have to do for today.

**One housekeeping note, the best and easiest way to get the reports as soon as they come out is to either subscribe in a feed reader using rss or simply add your email address to the form on the site and Feedburner will deliver the post to your email in-box.

Pats camp shedule updated

As you know, today’s practices have been cancelled due to inclement weather.¬† The Patriots have announced additional training camp dates. Hope to see you there.

Current Schedule as of today is:

THURSDAY, JULY 24Public practice cancelled due to rain.
8:45 – 10:30 a.m. Morning practice
5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Evening practice

2:30 – 4:30 p.m. Afternoon practice

Training camp practices are closed to the public due to the New England Country Music Festival.

8:45 – 10:30 a.m. Morning practice
5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Evening practice

2:30 – 4:30 p.m. Afternoon practice

8:45 – 10:30 a.m. Morning practice
5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Evening practice

2:30 – 4:30 p.m. Afternoon practice

8:45 – 10:30 a.m. Morning practice
2:30- 4:30 p.m. Afternoon practice

**Remember to call the Pats hot-line 1-508-549-0001 before heading out to camp for any last minute changes.

Also, the following players are on the active  PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list and can return to action anytime during training camp when the are physically able to do so.

  • DL Jarvis Green
  • RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis
  • CB Ellis Hobbs
  • OL Nick Kaczur
  • G Stephen Neal
  • OT Oliver Ross
  • LB Bo Ruud
  • LB Mike Vrabel
  • WR Wes Welker
  • C Ryan Wendell
  • DL Mike Wright
  • S Rodney Harrison
  • I spent the morning with a friend so all is good. See you tomorrow. Go Pats!

    Patriots Training Camp Dates

    The Patriots have announced the initial dates for this year’s Training Camp at Gillette Stadium.¬† You can find me there with the rest of the Patriots Fanatics on:

    8:45 – 10:30 a.m. Morning practice
    5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Evening practice

    2:30 – 4:30 p.m. Afternoon practice

    Training camp practices are closed to the public due to the New England Country Music Festival.

    8:45 – 10:30 a.m. Morning practice
    5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Evening practice

    2:30 – 4:30 p.m. Afternoon practice

    More dates will be announced as time goes on and I’ll post them here. Be sure to also check out my podcast: Mrs. B’s Patriot World Podcast and my camp reports: Mrs. B’s Training Camp Reports for daily updates during training camp.

    Here’s a link to an audio blog I did for Projo in 2005. A few things have change (like parking and the players mentioned)¬† but basically, the experience has remained the same.

    Cross posted from